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Info Wanted In Hit & Run Incident


We don’t have any additional information about this incident. From the looks of it, I don’t think a pedestrian was involved – reads more like it was probably a parked car that was hit. Just thought we’d pass along the flier.

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  1. I know who this person is and I know when and where this happened, as this person is a neighbor of mine:
    1) This Happened on Voorhies Avenue between East 18th and East 19th street. 
    2) Car hit belongs to my neighbor, name will not be disclosed, and he currently cannot afford to pay for the information. 
    3) This happened during the day, from what I understand, on a weekday, Tuesday.
    4) The NYPD of 61st precinct would not compile a hit and run report because by the time the came to the scene, this was considered an “in the past” event and therefore was no longer a crime (aslo because no injuries were involved).
    5) And if you are so goddamn cheap that you cannot help a guy out with information from 20-50$ then I feel sorry for you.  Money doesn’t grow on trees, and some a$$wipe just stole money from my neighbor by damaging his car and forcing him to pay for repairs.


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