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Infinity Cut’z Now Open On Sheepshead Bay Road


Is everyone ready for ShadowLock to throw a conniption over the sign design? No? Too bad. He’s going to do it anyway.

Whatever. Infinity Cut’z Barber Shop is now open at 1618 Sheepshead Bay Road.

Try not to hurt yourself wondering if Cut’z is pronounced cuts, cutzzz, cut-ts, cute-z….

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  1. You know folks, i gotta be honest, prior to commenting i had to ask Ned several times if this was a Joke, i thought for a second he was pulling a fast one on us. I was wrong i guess… My Critique on this sign well……..Lets just hope the barbers aren’t as shitty as the sign they allowed to be put up.

    As a Sign Maker / Graphic Designer i’ll tell you one thing.  If it’s coming out of my store it WILL Look Good.  if not i’ll let you know first hand. If you decide to leave because of a horrible design your kid made i’m sorry… But Professionalism is very Important in today’s World.

    I Wish them Luck as a new business on Sheepshead Bay,

    How much is one of these Cutz? $10? $15?

  2. Sheepshead Bay rd is a cutthroat area for business owners of little brains.First you had a suffering Boost Mobile store across the street from this barber shop and what happens,Tmobile opens up with even worse plans and service,now they are suffering,duhh…you have the Barber shop a block away on ave Z and 15th,there awesome also but the owner constantly complains of making nothing,or close to it,so lets open up a smaller crappier looking barbershop just so I can take SOME business from them and close in 13 months and lose my fathers 20k.
    You have to have cannonballs between your legs to open something on this rd.


    ROFL… Sorry…….. to my defense, there is a woman in the picture 🙂

  4. The barber on Z near the corner of Coney Island Avenue– next to where the R&B/Best Ride car service base used to be, gives GREAT haircuts.  And he does so without blasting music, movies or videogames in front of the barber chairs, questionable “deals” taking place, and a litany of cursing from young roughnecks.  He deserves our support.


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