Independence Day: A Mirror Of The Past

mirror of the past

As our nation remembers our history, we remember our discarded history books.

These books were seen ruined in the wet June weather this past month on East 18 Street, near the Super Stop and Shop store between Avenue Y and Avenue Z.

The volume with the dust jacket still intact was entitled, Mirror of the Past, a History of Secret Diplomacy, and was written by K. Zilliacus, M.P. Little is known about the book and its author from our initial research, but it seemed interesting that the book was also listed with the alternate title of The Mirror of The Past, Lest It Reflect The Future.

The other book will remain even more mysterious, due to the surgical glove that hindered it from further investigation.

May this 4th of July, be your time of patriotic reflection of the past 233 years of U.S. history, not a discarded relic of the modern day, commemorated not only by hot-dog eating contests — unless, of course, they’re Nathan’s Famous shoved down your throat Southern Brooklyn-style at Coney Island.

Have a fun, but important Independence Day!