In Wake Of Shopkeeper Slayings, Police Safeguard Stores With Addresses That Could Be Targets

The NYPD is not taking any chances when it comes to another murder in the local area. They posted a marked cruiser car outside of a nearby eatery whose address has a similar combination of numbers as the two stores the shopkeepers were murdered at.

Valentino Fashion, Mohammed Gebeli’s store, is located at 7718 Fifth Avenue and Isaac Kadare’s Amazing 99 Cent Deals store is at 1877 86th Street.

The police parked right outside of the East Ocean Buffet at 1778 86th Street. Though no one has confirmed that the numbers theory plays a relevant part in the shootings, they have not ruled it out yet either.

As for the cops outside of the buffet, they deny any assignment related to address numbers. Instead, they said that they were patrolling the entire area.

“This is the 62nd Precinct, but other officers have been brought into the area. We’re looking for the guy,” said Officer Cruz, of the 94th Precinct, who was outside the buffet with his partner.

The manager and staff at the restaurant were relieved at the beefed up police presence. The killings have neighborhood staff very anxious.

“We all do feel better that there are officers on the street,” she said. “It definitely makes me feel safer that I can see them.”


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