In The Race For Rent, It’s Good To Be Last


It feels good to be last – especially if you rent an apartment in Bensonhurst.

Crain’s New York Business just published some of the findings of a city-wide survey on rent prices conducted by RentJuice, a San Francisco-based retailer of apartment marketing software for brokers and landlords.

The results?

While the average monthly prices quoted seem a little on the high side, we think the neighborhood rankings most likely reflect rental reality.

From Crain’s:

Apartment shoppers looking for rental bargains would be well advised to steer clear of West SoHo and TriBeCa. With average rents of $7,782 a month and $5,151 a month, respectively, those two neighborhoods top the list of most expensive places to live…Third on RentJuice’s list is Central Park South, where rents averaged $4,309 per month. At the other end of the spectrum, bargain hunters will fare best in Bath Beach, Brooklyn, which, with an average monthly rent of $1,242, boasted the lowest average. It was followed by Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, where rents averaged $1,283.

Here at Bensonhurst Bean, we’re pretty dumbfounded how, in this economy, the average young person just starting out – or a retiree living on a fixed income – would even have a chance of finding a place to live in this city.

Maybe the folks in Zuccotti Park should just occupy Corcoran?

For all you renters out there, what’s your rent like and are you happy with it?

This one’s for all owners of multi-family homes – are you having trouble covering your mortgage with such a low rent roll?

And finally, what do you think a fair rent would be?