In The News: Sheepshead Bay HS Double Dutch Team Captain

(Photo courtesy of Ruby Washington/The New York Times)

Sheepshead Bay High School’s Double Dutch team, the Bay Shark Jumpers, was in the news this weekend. The subject of the feature article and photo slideshow in The City section of the New York Times was the Team Captain, Twindexane Lares.

In one of the photos, one of the team’s coaches, Maria Feld, can be seen with a counter in her hand, keeping track of all of the team members’ jumps.

New York Times writer, Sophia Hollander, interviewed Twindexane about her experience as a double Dutcher, as well about her team’s preparation for the upcoming competition season. In the interview, Twindexane, an 18-year-old senior who is originally from Trinidad & Tobago, says that although many people don’t think of double Dutch rope jumping as a sport, she and her team “work out just as much as other teams”.

We wish Twindexane and the Bay Shark Jumpers all the best this season.