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In Focus: Chilly Soup For Spanish

Source: Carmen T.
Our lovely reader and tipster Carmen T. sent us this photo of Matreshka (8022 20th Avenue) along with the following note:
Matreshka store, under new management. Russian, Middle Eastern and Latino style hot food to go!!
Sounds delicious. I wonder if I can order the chilly soup even though I am not Spanish?
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  1. You think this is delicious? The people who run this store, Hassan and Amira, are very dangerous individuals who disseminate anti-american statements, and harrass citizens of our local community. They gather knowledge about local residents, and talk B.S behind their backs.
    By the way, does this store have a kitchen? No. So how and where do you think the food is prepared. In private homes, thats right, no health department inspections. The owners purchase food that people make for themselves, perhaps even left-overs, and sell it retail….doesnt that sound delicious (Food poisoning). They also don’t possess a food handlers license, so their “take-out” is an illegal operation.

  2. What? You either a hater with an agenda or a whistle-blower. But even if one part of allegations is true, I want authorities to get involved ASAP.

  3. My only agenda is ensuring that business owners comply with laws which pertain to their appropriate industry, for the purposes of consumer safety. It’s not like I just made this story up, out of my mind.

    Matreshka does not have a kitchen, however they sell take-out food. Once again, where do you think that food is prepared? It doesn’t take a genius to spot a crooked operation.


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