Illegal Parking at Bill Brown Square Causes Danger

bill brown sq no parking car parked bus

The Bill Brown Square traffic triangle, located at the corner where East 17th Street turns into Sheepshead Bay Road, is clearly indicated as a one way street with signs indicating “No Parking Anytime”.

Still, it is not uncommon to see cars parked there and inhibiting traffic. This green sedan  was seen last Friday at the intersection with no driver at the steering wheel, windows locked, and no blinking lights on. One block away on Jerome Avenue and East 18th Street, there was a ticket agent issuing violations to frustrated drivers arriving a minute too late from doing their errands at the bank and post office.

When alerted to the dangerous situation created by the car illegally parked at the narrow turn, the ticket agent said, “Yeah, I’ll be going over there, soon.” Meanwhile, back at the spot in front of Merin Corsettiere (1629 Jerome Avenue), a bus driver was blowing the horn to get the driver to move the car to make some room — to no avail.

While it may be obvious to most that parking on this corner is just not safe, there are others who just don’t seem to get that message or read the signs. The city may need to rethink the type of sign so that there is no question that even standing or stopping at the corner could very well cause a smashup.

bill brown sq car parked 2009