Illegal Dumper Leaves Address On Garbage

One of the neighborhood places that’s doubling as a receptacle for illegal dumping is the municipal lot on Avenue Z and East 17th Street. The spot is maintained by DOT, so garbage is removed fairly frequently. But in between pickups, you can almost always find garbage bags and empty boxes there.

Well, one quick-thinking business owner decided to take advantage of her proximity to the lot. Looking to save money on pickups, she’s started dropping off her stuff here. But the genius made one mistake: leaving labels on the trash that clearly show her business name and address.

And the lucky duck is…

Nelli Volper
(718) 646-1755
1616 Sheepshead Bay Road

Now you may be saying, “Wow, great, now we caught the buggers and they can get the punishment they deserve. Justice at last!”

But… err… no. Apparently they need to be caught red-handed in order to be punished. I mean, hey, maybe the boxes wandered over there by themselves.

Here’s a photo of Felicita: