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Illegal Dumper Leaves Address On Garbage


One of the neighborhood places that’s doubling as a receptacle for illegal dumping is the municipal lot on Avenue Z and East 17th Street. The spot is maintained by DOT, so garbage is removed fairly frequently. But in between pickups, you can almost always find garbage bags and empty boxes there.

Well, one quick-thinking business owner decided to take advantage of her proximity to the lot. Looking to save money on pickups, she’s started dropping off her stuff here. But the genius made one mistake: leaving labels on the trash that clearly show her business name and address.

And the lucky duck is…

Nelli Volper
(718) 646-1755
1616 Sheepshead Bay Road

Now you may be saying, “Wow, great, now we caught the buggers and they can get the punishment they deserve. Justice at last!”

But… err… no. Apparently they need to be caught red-handed in order to be punished. I mean, hey, maybe the boxes wandered over there by themselves.

Here’s a photo of Felicita:

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  1. They don't need to be caught red-handed. Let's just dump it right back in-front of their store and hope they get ticketed.

  2. “Apparently they need to be caught red-handed in order to be punished”

    Is that really so? I know the Sanitation police on at least one occasion have stopped at my corner, actually gone through the garbage in the public wastebasket, and mailed tickets to people who's mail or other identifying items were found inside. I guess those items are considered household garbage and therefore dont belong in the corner wastebasket.

    So…is the sanitation police really powerless to punish in this case?

  3. I think if they find an address on multiple items they can act.

    I bet there is an entry in the NYC Sanitation code that gives the specifics.

  4. I called the store and they seem honestly surprised that their garbage was in the parking lot and not being picked up by the paid service. Nelli said that they pay to have their garbage removed every Monday night.

  5. Good you got caught you should get a fine of $1000.00 you will not do it again for each box. This is so disgusting to make our streets worse then they are. No respect because this business don't care.

  6. Ned Berke named Nelli – genius. I think genius would NEVER make that mistake – leaving labels on the trash that clearly show her business name and address.
    One single box does not saying anything . And a picture of that box with the address on and the picture of the store- just a free ad for that business.

  7. Oh I don't think so. I'm not going to shop there now. Others may decide the same. Unless they enjoy displays of contempt for the law and for the neighborhood they do business in.

  8. I would assume they have some sort of dumpster for the garbage that is emptied once a week. If it's large enough it could hold a week's worth of garbage. Who knows.

    Nellie did seem genuinely surprised by my call and said she was going to pick up the garbage and cal her carting company for an explanation.

  9. But I still 100% sure when someone is doing something illegal, they will never leave any info about themselves. Think about – Trying to save a little money on pickups and leaving all info to get a fine of $1000.00 Noooo…. I don't believe

  10. She may not have been the party that did it. It could have been an employee acting on their own.

    See what got me (and probably Ned as well) is that someone went through the trouble of moving these boxes about 200 feet, and crossing Sheepshead Bay Road and Jerome Avenue in order to do it.

    Granted there might be another explanation. But I'm not sure what that would be.

  11. they really do this? i do not understand. if i got a ticket for some mail i tossed in a wastebasket id sue the state. waste baskets are for waste, anything i do not want is waste… what if i left my house, grabbed the mail on the way out and tossed spam mail into the garbage. if i got a tkt for that id go on a sushi spree at my local post office.

  12. who knows what happened here. maybe they threw it away in the right place and some kids, politicians or homeless people grabbed it and walked off with it. you guys are getting more pissed over some boxes than the dumping of toxic waste off shore of Somalia by corporations because they had no government to force regulations on it! 😀

  13. Actually, that is exactly what my neighbor did to earn the ticket. Specifically speaking, the “junk” mail is a household item. If you dont want it, you're supposed to carry it back with you and dispose of it at your home garbage. I guess its a fuzzy line from throwing out some junk mail and throwing out more household garbage. I think its extreme, but thats the law.

  14. This will make folks a bit smarter. Remove the address labels then dump. The city doesn't care since we aren't Manhattan. Anything goes here in Brooklyn, when it comes to ignoring any “Quality of Life” issues.

  15. You do not have to be caught red handed in order to be summoned!!!!
    This is a legal fact. I have gone with sanitation police who on my request Ticked a person who did the same thing on gravesend neck road. They just don't want to be bothered.
    We should all call the number.

  16. Nick this was not in a garbage can this was bulk dumping. No can aroiund. Youi can put a letter in the public trash or a newspaper but not tons of stuff.


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