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If Verrazano Bridge Tolls Rise Again, You’ll Be Paying $20 By 2018

Source: joestrouth1 via Wikimedia Commons

The recent toll hike on the Verrazano Bridge was a major financial jump for many motorists. Now,  an Advance analysis of the MTA’s toll hikes through the years shows that if the increase in rates doesn’t change pace, those same motorists will be paying upwards of $20 in just five years.

Here’s the breakdown of the most recent increases according to SI Live:

Those numbers are based on the cash toll of five, 10 and 20 years ago. In other words, those numbers are based on the on the 150 percent hike since 1993, when the cash toll was $6; on the 87.5 percent hike since 2003, when it was $8; and on the 50 percent hike since 2008, when a new $10 cash toll was put in place.

A Staten Island representative for the MTA board, Allen Cappelli said that the cost might be closer to $25 in 2018.

Going further into the future, the Verrazano toll could be as high as $28 in 2023 and $37.50 in 2033. Motorists experienced four toll hikes since 2008.

“Those things are going to continue to put pressure on the MTA, and they’re going to be an excuse to raise fares and tolls,” said Capelli of health care costs, debt payments and other continued triggers for MTA’s increasing revenue needs. “This is unsustainable, for the riders and the drivers. We need to change the way the system is financed … to create sustainable revenue streams that don’t put us in that position.”

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