ICYMI: More Local News!

ICYMI: More Local News!
Inauguration Day 2021. Adrian Childress/Bklyner

Happy Inauguration Day! As we near the end of the first month of 2021, here are a few articles you may have missed – some by us, some by others, all about Brooklyn.

  • As President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were being sworn in this morning, Brooklyn’s officials, including congresswoman Yvette D. Clark and representative Hakeem Jeffries, expressed their hope and pride in the pair.
  • Brooklyn’s 75th precinct is the most “troubled” NYPD precinct in all of NYC, according to data. East New York and Cypress Hills suffered this year not just from disproportionate effects of COVID-19, but also crime, violence, and poor policing. We are looking into the solutions, and what has and has not worked before.
  • While last November a Hasidic wedding with thousands of guests set back its organizers $15,000 in fines, another, just as massive one, was deemed perfectly legal by authorities. As this New York Post article details, the difference was that the wedding ceremony, which took place last Monday night, was held in the parking lot of a Brooklyn synagogue instead of indoors. Social distancing and masks were not observed.
Inauguration Day 2021. Washington DC. Adrian Childress/Bklyner
  • Speaking of the pandemic. After a turbulent first month of the year, we all need some good news to keep us going. While coronavirus is still rampant across NYC, earlier this week, the number of cases has slightly dipped in Brooklyn – the holiday surge seems to be over, but Southern Brooklyn is still doing worse than the rest of the borough. While we can’t get too excited and still have to take precautions, wear our masks, and maintain social distance from others, this is very hopeful news indeed.
  • Despite this, distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine in Brooklyn has not been an easy task; many eligible people remain unvaccinated. Brooklyn is home to of the hardest-hit neighborhoods by the virus, and therefore needs more vaccine outreach. Last week, the line for vaccination outside the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park was several blocks long, as rumors of vaccine shortages circulated on social media.
  • This bittersweet New York Times article tells us about Kaleena Smalls and her daughter Keandra, who after three years of living in shelters and looking for affordable apartments, finally found a home in East New York, Brooklyn. We have written about The Fountains and their residents before and it’s nice to see NYT give truly affordable housing and the impact it has on families some spotlight.
  • We hope you enjoyed the brief snow shower we got this morning! Despite cold temperatures in NYC, restaurants have continued to host outdoor dining. People all over Brooklyn, undeterred by winter weather, enjoy meals in coats and scarves on sidewalk seating. In Brooklyn Heights, residents have been braving the chill in order to support local businesses. Here is a fun photo essay from the neighborhood. You can also check out this New York Times article showcasing ways restaurants have been making outdoor dining more accommodating, and don’t forget our openings and closings!