Are You Ready for Sandy?

Are You Ready for Sandy?

Whether you call it Hurricane Sandy, Frankenstorm, Count Stormula or just a pain in the arse, it’s looking more and more likely that the city is going to face some significant wind and rain early next week. Although the Weather Channel appears to think this storm is the beginning of the end, we here at South Slope News have decided it’s best to remain calm and approach the next few days with an optimistic but preparatory mindset.

Remove or tie down anything outside that could turn into an airborne projectile, such as chairs, bikes, grills, planters, toys, pumpkins, giant spiders, etc.

If you have a storm drain in front of your building and notice it is clogged with leaves or trash, sweep it out. As we have seen many times along stretches of 4th and 7th Avenues, clogged drains equal excessive flooding around crosswalks. The Department of Sanitation requires building owners to clean the sidewalks and gutter areas 18 inches into the street, so take a few minutes to make sure there’s no debris piling up in front of your home or business.

Stock up on some food and water for next week, but anticipate long lines and dwindling supplies at the grocery stores. It’s likely that people aren’t going to want to brave the elements, so they’re going to descend on Steve’s C-Town and Key Food with the most gusto today and tomorrow.

Don’t forget your pets when grocery shopping! Be sure you have enough food (and maybe some treats) to get your furry friends through the week.

Keep any medications handy that you would need. If it’s almost time for a refill, go ahead and get it this weekend.

In case of power outages, make sure to stock up on fresh batteries and flashlights. Several of the local pharmacies and dollar stores are also carrying glow sticks for Halloween, which might be a fun way to calm and distract a younger family member (or yourself). Candles are, of course, an option, but just be careful, especially if you have kids or pets running around.

Power outages mean no television, internet or music (once the iPad dies, of course). Enjoy some old school fun with the family by pulling out those dusty boxes of board games, books (yes, the real ones with paper pages) and art supplies.

Most important, just stay smart. Hunker down with some loved ones and enjoy the down time. We’ll come out at the end of next week a bit soggy, but just as strong as we always do in situations like this.

Image via Weather Underground


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