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Hurricane Sandy Information Exchange And Volunteer Network


We’re getting a lot of phone calls from people looking for family and friends who live in the evacuation zone and can’t reach them. We’re also getting a lot of messages from people who evacuated and want to know the conditions on their block.

We’re setting up this page so those of you who need information from neighbors on the ground can post it in the comments. Include a way to reach you if your concern is urgent. We’re also going to reach out to a handful of people to keep an eye on this page and make visits to locations if necessary.

This is an all volunteer effort. If no one gets back to your question or concern, know that everyone is trying their best. Conditions on the ground in the evacuation zone are bad. There is no power. Streets are littered with debris and abandoned vehicles. Please don’t send anyone on a fool’s errand – only post legitimate and serious concerns and think of the safety of our volunteers.

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  1. Hey Sandi,

    I hope you get this. Glad to hear you reached your parents. Exeter Street is a mess, but it looks like everyone’s OK. I tried calling, but the phones aren’t going through.

  2. Have you seen the middle block of Exeter Street? We’ve heard the blocks closer to the beach and bay are a mess, but can’t get info on our block. Thanks.

  3. Waterford Assisted Living is without lights. I visited this morning and was turned away by administor, Ellie. The Waterford was not provided with a GNERATOR!!!!!

  4. Hi – can anyone give me some information about Beaumont St. – between Hampton and Oriental? Power/telephones expected to be restored today? Flooding? Are cars driving around checking if people without phones need emergency help?

  5. Waterford Assisted Living is without lights when I visited this morning at 11 am. The owner Israel Lefkowitz did not think to provide a generator for these elderly folks

  6. Have you seen the middle block of Exeter Street? We’ve heard bad reports of the blocks closer to bay and ocean but can’t get any information on our block. Would really appreciate any reports.

  7. It was completely under water until about 1 AM. There is no power here right now, either in the buildings or on the street.

  8. Most of Manhattan Beach is covered in mud, but as you get further from the beach, everything gets marginally better. A few homes on the bay side have been severely damaged, but mid-blocks seem to be OK.

  9. It was. The water has receded now but the severe damage is on Emmons and Sheepshead Bay Road. Ocean and Z has no power. If you need someone to check on anyone in that area or check on property I am in walking distance and can do that for you, just respond on this page.

  10. Cars are getting in and out of Manhattan Beach, but there are tons of emergency vehicles in the area. Some streets are blocked by down trees. Most are covered in mud. The sewers are still bubbling up.

    If you don’t have to absolutely drive to Manhattan Beach – don’t.

  11. I live at 2620 east 13th at Z but am trapped in Boston till who knows when. If anyone can advise if water got into the building there I would appreciate. I live on the first floor and am worried about my cat. Won’t be able to get someone I know there till tomorrow at the earliest. Thanks in advance for any info.

  12. Thanks so much for the reply. I evacuated last minute and left my cat. I’m fourth floor, so everything should be okay as long as I can get back in the next day or two. Hope you guys are holding up okay there.

  13. My grandma’s home care worker hasn’t been back to her basement apt at 3350 Shore Pkwy, can anyone tell me what she should expect? Thank you,neighbors and Bites for this resource.

  14. Dont think the damage was that far. If their is damage it is mostly in the basement i would bet. Some bocks were worst than others but the low 20s were not too bad on Z. On the other hand Voorhies at around 8pm was 3ft deep. My block on e12 was all clear on my end and couple feet flooded at the other…
    Most basements are flooded including my neighbours

  15. I’m concerned about someone at the Annapolis complex which is at 2815 Coyle Street. Would very very much like to know how it looks down there in general but would especially love if someone could reach apartment 509 and check on Allen if possible. My name is Kenny and my number is 314-550-6727
    Email kennyjaworski gmail

  16. We drove along Avenue Z this a.m. to pick up my son in Beach Haven (Gravesend). All power & traffic signals were out on Avenue Z from Bedford Ave to Shell Road. Con Ed had shut down the grid in that part of the Bay. Downed trees, some cars abandoned (or pushed by wind) in the middle of the street. Otherwise, the street was passable.

  17. Was there last night around 9pm. Voorhies was underwater at least 3ft. Looked like half of 21st was not flooded. My in laws said later in the night ocean ave was chest high. As i mentioned in another post most likely there is damage to basements on that block as well…

  18. does anyone have any updates on hubbard street between ave x and ave y? i haven’t heard anything about damage or flooding and my boyfriend is there.

  19. dont know about power in the condos, but i live on bedford and shore in the tall building and we have power. No more water here on this block either. The houses (basements) seem to be flooded.

  20. Oscar – thanks for the response, that makes me feel a little better that my building may have been spared.

    on – thanks for the concern, shes a pretty smart cat, hopefully if any water did get into the apartment she jumped to higher ground. If you happen to get back to the neighborhood soon and can post what it looks like on 13th and Z it would be greatly appreciated.

  21. Has anyone seen Avenue Y between Coney Island Ave and E7? My family isn’t answering their phones and I’m concerned.

  22. For anyone looking for updates on patients at Menorah, they have a hotline number set up — 718-921-3130. The recorded message says that everyone is okay but that they did have some damage and some residents may have to be relocated. If so, families will be notified. My thanks to the folks that run this site. Living out of town, this was the best and only source for Manhattan Beach info last night. Greatly appreciated.

  23. 4th floor should be ok if you left food and water. Do you have a neighbor or a super with a key? I would be happy to check on and feed your cat.

  24. Does anyone know anything about 2 west end? We evacuated to kings hwy area but heard the building was flooded!! I’m wondering when we can get back in!

  25. i am evacutated upstate and trying to find out about margaret court, which is a tiny block you cant drive down off east 13th between Y and Z, you actually have to go down a flight of steps to get onto my block. worried about my house and especially neighbors who were planning to stay behind. Anybody know anything? thanks.

  26. Anyone see Corbin place? Should i expect lobsters only in my garage or on the second floor as well? Any downed trees, destroyed houses, fires, etc?

  27. Anyone know how 22nd St corner of Neptune? Where were those folks evacuated to? My Aunt has the corner house. I grew up in the same house phone lines are out. Thanks for all your up-dates.

  28. Water level there was not that bad yestday. Some water was flowing by the sidewalk. Still no power and phone service. Cell phone is sketchy all over!

  29. Looking for more specifics on Manhattan Beach/Kingsborough. I hear mud, but not much else. Anyone? Thank you to everyone updating on here. This area is severely underserved by our news media.

  30. Yeah, I’m living there. A lot of downed trees, damaged cars. I saw yesterday at 9 pm that all the basements near to Cas Place were under water. Actually we were lucky, our first floor was fine.

  31. I just spent the past four hours in Manhattan Beach helping my relatives clean up (Amherst Street). From speaking with neighbors on Amherst, it seems that many basements were flooded, with some first floors as well, though I don’t know the extent of first floor damage. Submerged garages have taken in water, and basement flooding is around 4-5 feet, per my rough estimate. This is anecdotal information, so take it with a grain of salt.

    In terms of atmospherics, beached cars are parked in the middle of certain streets, and there is a ton of ocean sludge throughout the neighborhood, particularly from Amherst to Ocean Ave.

  32. Can’t get in touch with my family on Brighton Beach. I understand no power, no cell reception. Stay safe!

  33. does anyone have any updates on hubbard street between ave x and ave y? i haven’t heard anything about damage or flooding and my boyfriend is there and i haven’t heard anything since 5AM, please update me if you can.

  34. Hi – I walked by E. 14th today and Z today, it didn’t seem to have any substantial flooding that far up. If you lived on E. 19th or lower, I would be concerned, or if you live in the basement, this would also be a concern. I live on Avenue V and E. 13th, if you are unable to get home soon, you may contact me and I can feed your cat. I have a couple of my own and can understand your concern.

  35. I’m on Avenue V and there was no flooding or Con Ed power cuts. Your building could have lost power on its own, but it seems we were find this far up.

  36. They say around 4 feet of water. I have a friend on the other side of Shore Parkway, close to Ocean Parkway, his basement was flooded and it almost reached the first floor.

  37. Drove by this morning extensive mud and flooding up to the first floor. Cars are ruined and there is no power there at all.

  38. Does anyone have any info about 1509 Emmons, people and property? Last spoke to uncle this morning, know his basement was flooded, can’t reach now. Thanks.

  39. I just got a text from a relative on E 21 and Z..She said they had massive flooding last night.. full basement under water, no power, transformers and electrical wires were on fire last night. cars floating on Ave Z.. Emmons Ave still under water… She said there were people breaking into houses in the dark last night…Why I haven’t seen anything on Sheepshead Bay on the news??

  40. my family lives there and as far as i know there is still no power and the basements are flooded (about 3-4 feet). cell phone reception is still poor/ nonexistent so I don’t know much more than that, though right now things seem stable, just waiting for power and maybe DEP to help out

  41. Anyone have any info on the conditions on the corner of Ave Z and E27th? A few blocks from zone A and cant get there till tomorrow to assess.

  42. Walked by here earlier this morning. There was substantial flooding, and there is a downed tree on that side of Shore Pkwy that won’t allow any traffic. Basement apartments in the area are in pretty rough shape, she may have some damage to her belongings. People are returning to their homes at this point, and if she is able, she should do the same so she can assess the damage.

  43. where are you located on Corbin? I’ve been hearing our first floor is ok as well but am having a very hard time believing it.

  44. Thank you so much guys, I feel a lot better now. I have a friend with keys that says she should be able to get down there tomorrow so I’m sure kitty should be fine, I left her plenty of food just wanted to make sure it hadn’t been washed away. Now if I could just teach her to answer the phone. Thanks again!

  45. Please any one knows how bad was the flood on Hubbard street between Ave Z and Shore PKWY just behind Coney Island hospital? thanks

  46. we’re trying to get some info on the Menorah Home in Manhattan Beach..we’ve had no communication with them since early yesterday..if anyboody has any information about whats going on there..please call sue yellin at 718 638 6656

  47. What about Beaumont st. between Hampton and Oriental,what is your impression?I live overseas and am very concerned about my Grandma…
    Do you know when electricity/telephone should come back??
    your help is appreciated!!!!!!!!

  48. Hi. My family and I evacuated. We have a beauty salon called ART 3 on ave z and 16th st. If anyone walks by it…can someone please take a photo. We are concerned and have no information. Thank You so much. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  49. thanks for your update……..any additional and current beaumont st. updates are welcome. Stay safe and thanks.

  50. Any information on Trump Village at Neptune Ave. and Ocean Parkway? Is there power or phone? Were the cars damaged by flooding? I have a relative there I can’t reach and would appreciate any information.

  51. I have not walked down that block but I am at E23 and Y and we were thankfully fine, so it is unlikely that you flooded there. If there is someone in particular you are checking on, let me know.

  52. Does anyone have updates on the block of Coney Island Ave between Brighton Beach Ave and boardwork across the street(Coney Island) from Oceana? Can’t reach relatives since yesterday evening?

  53. I also live in Trump Village and I’m trying to find out if I can go home. I’m stuck (luckily I guess) in the Caribbean.

  54. It was VERY scary here last night, however, Jersey, Staten Island and Breezy Point got far worse if you ca believe it, so I guess that is why Sheepshead is being forgotten by the news. A brief mention wouldn’t be too much to ask for though, no one has mentioned Sheepshead at all.

  55. Hi – I walked by there to deliver food to some friends. It’s a little messy, I believe there was a downed tree closer to the boardwalk, and some of the steps leading to the basements along the block are flooded, but there is no more substantial flooding. It didn’t have power at 4 pm, I don’t think it’s back up yet. The cell service is terrible there, as well – but there are plenty of emergency responders, so I believe all residents are safe.

  56. There was a huge tree blocking Beaumont, that’s all I can recall. I didn’t see any extra fire/police action on Beaumont. electric/telephone was still out this evening, to my knowledge. Those might take four days, goes the estimate. I think the neighbors will be aware of your gma’s presence, but make some calls in the area to make sure if you can, though not 911.

  57. trying to get info on status of waterford assisted living at 2900 bragg street can’t get thru we are in miami and are concerned about mom, spoke to home on sunday they said they weren’t evacuating any news is welcome

  58. does any one know if brighton beach flooded have family on brighton 7th lane. can’t get ahold of them. thank you,

  59. How was Coney Island Avenue & Avenue Y looking as of last night / this morning? Haven’t heard from a close friend on Gerald Court in over 24 hours. Heard 2nd-hand that she’s got bad flooding. Looking to know how high the water got in that area.

  60. Everyone’s reports are so welcome and available – wishing you all to be safe and secure. It’s very hard living overseas and not being in touch with our loved ones. I am so concerned about the mid-block on Beaumont Street – any updates you have will be greatly appreciated. Any news when power might be on again – or telephones working? Thank you for replying.

  61. My mom and dad, 80 years old, live in Bergen Beach, 7111 Ave V between E. 71 and 72. I can’t get through on house or cell phones. I live in France, very far, and I am worried. Does anyone have any info?? Can someone stop by and knock on their door?? I promise a bottle of good Bordeaux wine! I’ll actually be in NY late next week. Please give some info on Bergen Beach.

  62. There was no power anywhere here, con ed cut it, it’s back up now, if you haven’t yet try again today (or now anyway while we do still have power)

  63. I’m on 66th between T and U and I can go over there to check in about an hour. I’ll let you know what’s happening as soon as I get back.

  64. Any updates on Beaumont St. – mid-block? I too am overseas and can’t make contact. Your help is appreciated!!!! Thank you!

  65. Hi. Has anyone heard or seen 35 seacoast terrace. Elderly mom lives on 18th floor. I can not get a flight back to JFK until Saturday. She needs a flashlight and her cell is almost drained. I will pay anything if someone can bring her a flashlight. I can pay through PayPal or check until I get home. If not does anyone have a idea about power. Con ed keeps saying 4 days to two weeks. Scared for mom.
    My email is
    Thanks for listening to my rant

  66. sister was just there..about a foot still in the basement..based on watermarks and damage she thinks we had about four feet..shingles strewn all over the block..need a generator if we are going to try to pump out.

  67. […] Neighbor To Neighbor: Volunteer Resource Network Page by Laura Vladimirova on Oct 31st, 2012 Many residents have spoken out about wanting to help those hit by the storm. Consider this a Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Dyker Heights, Gravesend and beyond resource page. Here you can post information if you need assistance, like a pump, help finding a missing pet or anything else that is not life-threatening. If you want to post something, please do so. If you want to wish others well, that is encouraged too. For volunteer opportunities in Sheepshead Bay and other zones that face the most severe damage, check the Sheepshead Bites resource page. […]

  68. This is Laura from Bensonhurst Bean — I’m heading to the area on bike in an hour, and happy to try and look in one some people and then respond when I get home where I have power. Please email me at any requests within the hour and I’ll do my best to help!!

  69. I can say that only basements were under water, only a few located between 79-83 corbin were fine. Still no electricity and no phone service. I am sure your first floor is ok!

  70. Does anyone know if zone A peeps are allowed back in their homes?
    Sill trying to connect with my Aunt on E22nd and Z? Any latest info
    on that area? Thank you. My prayers are with all. I grew up their and now reside in

  71. Any news about the Hollywood and Belaire buildings on Homecrest Avenue near Emmons. Do they have power? Water? Phone service? Elevators? I took my mom out of the Hollywood on Sunday. She is elderly and badly wants to get back home.

  72. Waterford Assisted living 2900 Bragg Street on the Bay.
    Any info on the the residents that where not evacuated>>>???

  73. Does anyone know if the express busses ran today? They are supposed to be indefinitely detoured because the Battery Tunnel is closed. I have to be back at work in Manhattan on Friday.

  74. im wondering if someone can please tell me how bad it is on ryder st between u and v my family live there and i can not get in touch with them, i am a former NY’ker and i live in tenessee now. can someone please just let me know

  75. Things are looking up. exeter st, at least, has power restored. some basement flooding and mud in the street but little other damage aside from the very end houses by the ocean.

  76. Hi Everyone, We live an Bragg Street between Shore Parkway and Emmons.
    I walk with a rolling walker, and simply can’t do alot of stairs. Thank God, I’ve been staying at Riverside Church, but that will change as soon as the church opens officially.
    Can anyone tell me how things are at my home? Is there any chance we are gettiing electricity? (I’m scared i will get thrown out of Riverside before our home is ready!)
    Thank you all for your consideration. And God Bless everyone,,,

  77. The Waterford on the Bay Assisted Living residents are safe and sound we do have a generator and coned is working on getting us full capacity. We are at 150% staffing levels, including personal care aides, cooks, recreation, nursing, dietary, housekeeping and maintenance. We are limiting visitors at this time because we must keep residents our highest priority amd cannot tend to visitors at this time. We do not have phones or internet. We have several emergency cell phones and will begin contacting families as soon as our regular phones lines are up. Please be patient, ALL the Residents are safe and sound.

  78. Brighton Beach was flooded but not as badly as other areas…mostly just basements and first floors. this may be late information but the neighborhood only got power back today at around 4 so that’s probably why you couldn’t reach them. landline phones and cell phones weren’t working either.

  79. Most people in Zone A never evacuated in the first place and those that did are not being kept from returning. I walked past E22 and Z Tuesday morning. The water has receded. No power, terribly flooded basements and water damage but your aunt is probably safe. If you would like me to check on her I am closeby and can knock on her door if you want, let me know.

  80. Thank you KB I was just now able to reach her. YEA she is OK but like you said her basement is flooded up to the celing. I will be comming in to help
    her in a few days. Thank all of you for helping us connect. I went through Hurricane Andrew so I do know what’s it’s like to be cut off with out power food and water for weeks. Blessings to you and your family!

  81. Thank you very much Michelle! Did you get a chance to stop by? Are my parents oK? any other news on bergen beach

  82. Michelle did you get a chance to stop by? I still can’t get through by phone and I’m worried. I appreciate very very much your willingness to check on them

  83. Hi, my Uncle Will lives on Dictum Court between Allen Ave and Bijou Ave, but we have not been able to hear from him. Can someone tell me if there has been a lot of damage in the area or are phone lines just down? Thank you for your help. Crissy

  84. I was at the Waterford today. Still no electricity as of 4 pm however, own was in lights on first floor and residents were receiving pizzas

  85. Anyone know the status of Luna Park? My sister lived in the building across from the police station on West 8th Street right near the subway entrance, 2958 West 8th Street. She doesn’t have a cell phone, I am on the west coast and land lines are not working. Thanks for any info anyone can provide.

  86. Great grandfather & his brother came over on boat from Italy and build 2 family home on Ave Z in the early 1900’s. house has been in family for generations. I believe crossroad is Stillwell Ave. I’m out if state and was wondering if anyone can tell me if the homes at Stillwell and Ave Z are ok? I’ve read many posts about flooded basements & no power-but not sure if that particular location was badly damaged. I pray it’s minimal if so and am thinking of ALL the residents that were affected. Being in Fl, we have been in your shoes many times with damaged property and loss of life and we are feeling your pain.

  87. Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone lives near 2679 E24th street that would be able to tell me if there is any major damage to the building? I am overseas and have no way of checking… All the other tenants are not answering their cells. Please let me know if you have been past there or know anything about whats happening on this street… Thanks a million…

  88. I got a text from my brother that ‘mom and dad are ok’. Don’t know anything else. Would appreciate someone stopping by or some general info on Bergen Beach. Is there power? DId people get evacuated?

  89. 7111 Ave V. I will go this morning. Are they early birds? What is the earliest I can knock on their door? Ask if they need anything specific.

  90. I went by. Mike said he just got cell service and they are down to one car. They have electric on the second floor. We exchanged #’s just in case.

  91. Trying to find out current info on my mother, Marion Block, who lives on the 16th floor of building 4A in Warbasse. I live in Spain and have been unable to reach her since Monday. Last I heard she was still in the building. She’s 85 and afraid to walk down the 16 flights of stairs. Thanks!

  92. My cousin lives in Warbasse and as far as I know they don’t have power yet because their power plant was damaged. Since they run a private Grid Con Ed can’t help them till they fix their own lines/generator. So I’m told. As of yesterday my cousin was holed up at my parents because of the lack of power.

    I suggest you post her exact apartment maybe someone can knock and check on her…

  93. looking for information regarding Irving & Elaine Freidman – reside at 151 Pembroke St between Shore Blve and Oriental Bllvd & parallel to Seawall Ave.

  94. The assisted living apartment (closer to brighton beach) on Corbin place should have power. So I heard from a relative who has someone living there.

  95. Trying to ascertain condition of building at 3025 Ocean avenue. Havent been able to get in touch with a friend for past 3 days. I think her area is either IN Mandatory evac area A or very close to it. I even tried her sister on Long Island and phone out of order. If you can just tell me condition of building…..if possible…….( I do not have permission to give out her name so I would not be comfortable doing so.)

  96. I haven’t heard from my uncle and family who live on Amherst Street near Shore Blvd.and were planning to stay in their house. Was that area badly hit? Are phone and power lines down in that area?

  97. Hi Friends can anyone tell me the Power Status In Avenue X 3070 ? Thanx in Advance , My friend stays there and he is not in Contact with us Anymore.

  98. I am trying to locate my brother who lives on 2801 East 27th Street in Sheepshead Bay, near Emmons Avenue. I have not heard from him nor the family he’s living with since the storm hit. I fear that his small house could not survive with the high winds and floods, and I don’t know where he is. I live in Tucson, AZ, but used to live in Sheepshead Bay. I tried to locate a telephone no. for the local police or fire Dept, but could not. Does any one at Sheepshead Bites know who I can contact to try to find my brother, and to see if his house on East 27th street is still standing? Bob is not well and is 81 years old. Please call 1-520-235-1728 or email A New York # you can call is: 1-914-384-1620 and ask for Mark. My brother’s name is Bob (Robert) Davis. Thank you so much.

  99. still cant find out condition of her building. I’m now assuming she had to evacuate and is safe somewhere. No contact with her sister on long island. Con Ed outage map does not show anything on her block (betw Ave Z and Voorhies on east side of street.

  100. Couldn’t find my way back here! Thanks so much for the response, Arthur. She’s downstairs now, safe and sound.

  101. Glad to report that we were able to connect Irma and her relatives on East 27th Street – still without power and heat but are OK – temp heater scheduled for Monday – if the family should need further assistance, you have my cell – I’m glad to help! — Chris

  102. Hi Karen – I’m a few blocks from there – Buildings on Ocean are fine other than basement flooding and power is prob still out (tho the rest of the power should be back n in those areas sooner then later) – i found another couple last night here In Sheepshead Bay for some folks searching in AZ! They were OK but a little shaken from a week without power and heat – do you want me to go over there and try to ring there buzzer? I can – it’s no problem – let me know…

  103. My name is Geri Gilbert, daughter of Len Gilbert, and I have been trying day and night for days to find Lorraine Lester from Shore Blvd.,Manhattan beach, and her family, Karen and Brian Berliner and the kids from Falmouth St., Manhattan beach. The phones are out of service at both homes and no internet access, and I live in California. If anyone knows these families, can someone PLEASE have them contact me to let me know if they are all okay?? PLEASE!! I am so worried about all of them, especially Lorraine!! Thank you. email is, phone is 415 250 8313. Many, many thanks!

  104. Does anyone know if the apt buildings in Coney Island are without power? We have a team ready to climb the stairs and knock on doors to hand out flashlights and hand warmers, don’t wanna make the effort if everyone is out of the buildings.


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