Hurricane Irene Public Service Announcement

This map shows local schools that will serve as evacuation centers

According to the New York Times, Governor Cuomo has announced a public transit shutdown is set for noon tomorrow, while the city evacuates hospitals and nursing homes in or near Hurricane Evacuation Zone A (shown in orange on the OEM map above), such as Coney Island Hospital.

If you have loved ones at one of these locations, please contact the facility for more information.

The following is a press release from Assemblyman Peter Abbate:

Statement from Assemblyman Abbate
on Hurricane Irene
Assemblyman Stresses Precaution and Preparedness
Brooklyn— “This weekend, our community in Brooklyn finds itself in the likely path of Hurricane Irene. However, in the hours leading up to the storm, it is of the utmost importance that we all put the necessary safeguards in place to minimize the potential damage of the storm. What is most imperative is that we all calmly but diligently take every possible step to guard our homes and loved ones.
Not only should every family have emergency batteries, flashlights and other supplies, but it is also important that we do out (sic) best to look out for our neighbors during and after the storm. Stay in touch with friends and family, especially senior citizens, which means making sure that cell phones are fully charged in the event that telephone wires are downed. Every family should have a plan. There is no such thing as being too ready. We all hope that this storm has a worse bark than bite, but in the event that it is as bad as predicted, there is no excuse for being insufficiently prepared.
I thank the City for its efforts to make everyone aware of the dangers of Hurricane Irene and I stress the importance of heeding his warnings. There are two evacuation centers in the area, at IS 187 and at Roosevelt High School. Those south of 75th Street are recommended to be wary of flooding, and those closest to the Belt Parkway should be most cautious. Avoid the parkway and any flooded streets.
Stay tuned to the internet, the television and radio for further alerts and warnings, and most of all take care of your families and homes.

State Assemblyman Peter Abbate represents Assembly District 49, which includes Bensonhurst, Bath Beach and Dyker Heights.

If you’d like to know Irene’s current location, the New York Times is currently letting non-subscribers access their Hurricane Tracking Map.