Hunger Pang’s Owner Talks Food, Drinks & The Importance Of Giving Back To His Home Neighborhood

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We just got some more exciting information about the opening of Hunger Pang, the restaurant that’s moving into the space where The Dogwood was at 1021 Church Avenue. The owner of Hunger Pang, Kensington native Medwin Pang, told us he’s aiming for a soft opening in October – and he wrote in an email to us that Chef Ashley from The Dogwood has “been a great help to me with pointing me in the right direction with licenses and permits, etc., to get up and running ASAP.”
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“When my family migrated to the states in 1973 (when I was one month old), we lived above Carvel on Church & E 2nd (and) moved around different parts of Brooklyn but always ended back in the Kensington area,” Medwin wrote to us.
Medwin, his wife, and two dogs (Mochi and Tyler) now live not far from where his restaurant will be – something he said is incredibly important to him.
“I wanted to give back to the area that had given me so much growing up,” he wrote. “It was very important to us that we found a location along this strip of Church Ave.”
“Not only are we aiming to give the area a new eatery, we are aiming to boost awareness of this great strip of mom & pop businesses in the area,” he continued.
As part of an effort to promote Church Avenue “as the new restaurant row” and emphasize the culinary talents that line the strip, Medwin said Hunger Pang will host a “Restaurateurs Night” for local restaurant owners, chefs, and staff to get together to discuss the market and food trends.
Medwin also noted that various community groups will receive discounts, including sports leagues of the Parade Grounds, community boards, and religious groups, as well as members of the FDNY and NYPD.
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As for the food and drinks? There will be a happy hour at which Medwin said “we will not offer the simple two-for-one drinks, but instead will offer at tapas-style appetizer with each drink purchased.

“Hunger Pang’s menu will be what we are calling ‘new American-Asian,'” Medwin wrote. “Today’s diners are much more sophisticated and health-conscious, seeking an authentic experience with enthusiastic foods that tell a story. Hunger Pang takes popular dishes from East or Western cultures and reinvents them using inspiration from its opposite, ying-yang style.”

The intersection of cultures will also meet at the restaurant’s weekend afternoon tea, at which Medwin told us they’ll do “sophisticated interpretations of dim sum.”

We will highlight the freshness and quality of our ingredients by keeping our dishes simple, we will not over complicate our food with too many components or use any unnecessary garnishes,” Medwin said. “We control the quality of our menu by making as much in house from scratch as possible, including  tofu, sauces and condiments, staying away from expensive, preserved packaged products.”

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The owner also said that he’s going to focus on “fresh, natural and local ingredients.”

“As local farms’ ingredients become available, we will incorporate them as specials in addition to our standard menu,” he wrote. “We will offer inventive vegetarian/vegan dishes, as well as meat alternatives (seitan,tofu), in place of beef, chicken or pork, enabling us to cater to modern eating practices.”

 When it comes to the bill, Medwin said the menu is moderately prices, with all entrées costing between $12 and $20 – and there will be small plate selections starting at $5.

We’ll of course let you know when Hunger Pang’s official opening will be, and you can follow their progress (and see lots of delicious-looking photos) on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Photos courtesy Hunger Pang.

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Anna Gustafson

Editor of Ditmas Park Corner


  1. I think we have to many Asian themed restaurants in the area. A basic good food place (a step up from Picket Fence) would be a great addition. That being said, I look forward to Hunger Pang opening.

  2. Believe in a sky fairy and get restaurant discounts, sounds like a nice perk…

    Looking forward to seeing what they come up with, though. Good dim sum in the area would be a nice addition.

  3. I don’t eat eat plant or animal matter because of the destruction it causes the environment as well as the cruelty to plants and animals it entails. I subsist entirely on air.

  4. Good for you Medwin and family! No better way to “boost awareness of this great strip of mom and pop businesses” than to replicate the “Cortelyou at Twilight” fundraising event last autumn, where patrons strolled, sampled tidbits from the Farm and Qathra, all the while raising much- welcomed funds for 2 local, public elementary school gardens. The PS 217 school garden may well have a bumper crop of string beans for your menu next summer!

  5. Hi Cinnamon–
    Tried to comment on your comment in the blackout article but the thread was closed. I’m a reporter from New York Magazine compiling romantic stories from the blackout of 2003, and I was hoping you might be willing to speak with me further about your adorable story. My email is Hope to hear from you!!

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