Hubbard Street Sinkhole Fixed!

Courtesy of Frank Messano

Neighbors are now reporting that the Hubbard Street sinkhole – a four-foot-deep curbside pit – was repaired last night. After Sheepshead Bites’ story hit the net one week ago, the issue spurred on Bay News and News12 reporters (I mean, where else are these guys going to find stories?), and the city hustled to get things done.

“After five months and many calls, I can now rest knowing that some poor child will not fall in and get hurt. My thanks to all concerned,” Frank Messano wrote to us. Messano lives on the block and tipped us off to the story.

Two large DOT trucks showed up to the sinkhole location, on Hubbard Street between Avenue Z and Shore Parkway, at around 7:00 p.m. yesterday to do the repairs.