How to Help Get More Bike Lanes in Ditmas Park

We’ve got new bike racks, some bike-friendly businesses, and a weekly biking group, but many local cyclists would like to see more bike lanes installed in the neighborhood.

In 1997, the city’s Bicycle Master Plan set a goal to install 1,800 miles of greenways, bike lanes, and bridge paths by 2030. The slice of map above is from the NYC cycling map, and you’ll notice the red dotted lines running through our neighborhood. Those are a part of the Master Plan, meaning they could be installed by 2030.

However, much of that hinges on public support. The DOT must present bike lane plans to the Community Board, who has to approve of the plan–in which case, your emails, phone calls, and presence at meetings would help represent whichever side of the argument you stand on.

Additionally, you could help speed up the process of installing a lane by petitioning the Community Board to request that a route be studied by the DOT. You could ask about the lanes on this map, or about other potential routes that you think might contribute to pedestrian safety and traffic calming. That might not get it built right away, but it would help push the project toward the top of the list of lanes to be installed.

What it comes down to is an appropriate metaphor: The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

• If you want to see more bike lanes in our area, make the case to Community Board 14 at or 718-859-6357.

• If at some point the DOT comes to CB14 with potential bike lanes, and you feel strongly for or against them, be sure to make your opinion known.

And in related news, be sure to properly lock up your bikes to those new racks:


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