How Many Health Violations Does Your Favorite Local Eatery Have?

Source: Jaime de la Fuente via Wikimedia Commons

A website has recently gone hyperlocal by making it easy to find the most recent health inspections information on your favorite local restaurants.

EveryBlock takes recent restaurant inspections from New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and then maps them.

The website lists the number of violation points a site receives per inspection. The number of points determines whether a followup inspection is required. Thus, 0-27 points means that there is no followup required and 28 or more points means that a followup is a must.

New York Times writer Brian J. McCabe penned a piece that explains New York’s grading system in detail. He mentions that it’s a passing or failing grade isn’t the only thing that matters in a score. The specific score an establishment receives holds a great deal of meaning too. For example, there are three categories of violations that may be observed and a passing grade may not guarantee a noted absence of rats or mice.

Check out the EveryBlock violation ratings page for neighborhood places and see if you can spot the ones that have a whopping 55 violations.