How Hungryroot Helps New York’s Busy Creatives Eat Healthy

Surviving in New York isn’t easy, especially if you have a career in the arts. Emily Cordes, a 32-year-old resident of Ditmas Park and an actress, can attest to this. Along with auditioning and performing, Cordes also works as a part-time fundraiser and marketer for a performing arts institution in Downtown Manhattan. Like so many city folk making a go of it here, between travel, professional obligations, and actually being creative, Cordes says time to take care of personal needs comes at a premium.

A year and a half ago, she saw an online ad for ​Hungryroot​, the healthy packaged food company with fresh, easy-to-prepare items picked to match anyone’s dietary needs and
tastes. ​ ​Cordes believed ​Hungryroot​, with it’s convenient, easy-to-make, flexible, and guaranteed nutritious options could ease some of her time constraints.

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“I was juggling multiple jobs and was pressed for time when it came to food shopping and cooking,” Cordes says. The idea of having stress-free healthy food sent right to her door was very appealing. “I saw ​Hungryroot ​has free home delivery and includes simple recommendations you could use to put together a meal quickly.” So she signed up.

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Hungryroot ​foods, which are either ready-to-eat or designed to be ready fast, fit right in with what Cordes calls her “pretty-close-to-vegan” diet. (She doesn’t eat meat and only consumes dairy once in a while.) Though ​Hungryroot ​customers have plenty of healthy fish and meat options, Cordes herself was immediately drawn to how easy it is to mix​-
and​-​ ​match items to make salads, grain bowls, and more. The items can easily be tossed into a bowl with whatever greens one wants, even those from the corner grocer. There were different types of quinoa cups serving that purpose for Cordes; the delicious chickpea alfredo, butternut squash fries, and ​sweet barbecue chili jackfruit​ all got her stamp of approval as well.

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She creates her own dishes and sometimes uses ​Hungryroot​’s suggestions. “Most of the combinations take like 10 or 20 minutes, which is great because I’m always on the go.
It’s nice to be able to have a satisfying dish put together so fast.”

Cordes says that it’s fun to get the ​Hungryroot ​delivery in the mail and “try out new things.” ​Hungryroot​’s products rotate weekly and seasonally so there is always a changing selection of foods. ​ ​These days she’s high on the dairy-free ​cashew cheddar sauce and​,​ for dessert: ​oatmeal spice cookie dough​.

Courtesy of Hungryroot

Thanks to ​Hungryroot​, Cordes now has extra time to get her acting career really cooking. “I would definitely recommend ​Hungryroot​,” Cordes says. “I like the convenience, and you can have something healthy you can throw together without too much fuss.”

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