How Do Locals Use Social Media During the Summer?

Domenic Grayer, 16, said he uses social media to "keep in touch with my teammates" on his two basketball teams. Grayer attends Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, just a few blocks away from where we met him on Fulton Street. (Photo by Gabriel Bibilari)
Domenic Grayer, 16, said he uses social media to “keep in touch with my teammates” on his two basketball teams. Grayer attends Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, just a few blocks away from where we met him on Fulton Street. (Photo by Gabriel Bibilari)

By Anna Gaberscik, Amy Marcel, Brandon Smith, Gabrielle Bibilari, Hillit Avnon-Klein and Nia Lawson

It’s hard to imagine life in the 21st century without the ability to instantly connect with the world – whether its hearing world news as soon as it breaks, learning about the latest event in your neighborhood or just reaching out to an old friend. Social media has become an inseparable part of our lives, but we wondered if that holds true in the summertime. The young journalists in The Nabe’s Summer Teen Journalism Workshop wanted to know if your social media habits changed with the seasons, so they took to the streets to find out what social media tools people use and if summer is a hot season for them.

Amanda Stroud-Amory, 28, uses Facebook and Twitter. A recent transplant to Clinton Hill, Stroud-Amory said she uses social media to find about the local events, but added that she thinks that the hottest season for social media use is in the winter.

“During winter time people don’t go out as much,” she said.

Jada Simons, 42, said that she uses social media during her year-round travels to share pictures of her adventures with her friends through Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Vine. She said she doesn’t believe that the social media activity depends on a season.

“I am able to share fun, cool things,” said Kareen Anglin, 20. His social media interests consists of Instagram and Facebook. He said he thinks people use social media more in the summer because they are on vacation. “You are always out, you document stuff and engage with people,” he said.

Jordan Fong, 27, uses social media to keep up with friends and the latest world news. He uses Facebook practically everyday, regardless of the season.

“I like to follow people who post something interesting, or funny,” Fong said. He added that the one thing he doesn’t like are people who whine about their personal problems. “I turn off the people from my feed that I don’t like,” he said.

Ray Edwards, a 42-year-old mother of 2-year-old twins, said she uses social media most during the summer to learn about kid-friendly events. When she’s not looking up an children’s event, Edwards mainly uses the social media for work purposes. She said it come sin handy in her marketing job, but added that she also uses social media to share pictures and videos of her children with her friends and family.

Kristin Vogel, 28, said she uses social media a lot more during the summer, now that she is on a break from her law degree studies at Northwestern University. While she is waiting to take her bar exam, she said she has passed time surfing social media to find activities to do, as well as keep in touch with other college students.

Facebook is a good way to find out about outdoor concerts, park events and shows in the city, according to 50-year-old Edward Horsford. He said he takes advantage of social media to plan out his summer outings, adding that New York City is always bustling with events to fit anyone’s fancy.

“I use it more in the summer because more things happen in the summer, especially in New York,” he said.

Dominic Grayeren, 16, an avid basketball player and Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School student, uses Facebook equally as the seasons change.

“I think its a great way to keep in touch,” he said. “I have family down in South Carolina, so it makes it easier.”

The teen also uses it to keep up with his basketball teammates’ lives, and to get invitations to watch games. “Facebook and Instagram, that’s the Norm,” especially for people his age, he said.

Richard Rosario, 42, believes that social media is waste of time calling it “not beneficial to his life.” He said he did not have any time, nor care for any form of social media.

Leo Trampouks, 32, had the same beliefs has Richard, saying he too had no reason to be on social media. He said it was a place where people can be who they aren’t.

Though everyone she knows seems to have an account on one social media platform or another, 33-year-old Jessa Krief said with a bright smile that she has a Facebook account, but still prefers to communicate with people the “old fashioned way.”

“I still prefer phone calls and Texting.” she said.