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Horrible Stench Haunts Manhattan Beach Building Following Flood

301 Oriental Boulevard (Source: Google Maps)

They might want to start adding military grade gas masks to the emergency supply lists for people dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, especially if you are a resident of 301 Oriental Boulevard in Manhattan Beach.

Residents of the apartment building blame the smell on the result of flood waters mixing with barrels of oil located in the basement, creating an intolerable odor that has persisted for over two weeks.

According to a report by News 12, the smell emanating from the basement of this residential building is so bad that it has forced everyone to move out until the landlords figure out how to exorcise the stench for good. Local priests are on standby, and may be asking the good Lord why the heck there were barrels of oil sitting in the basement.


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  1. Sooo Manhattan Beach stinks like the rest of us. Not surprised.
    How much oil we talking? Crude/cooking/engine?

  2. This is really awful. On top of the stench, there’s no light or heat. Lots of elderly people in this building – some have nowhere to go, and those who have evacuated don’t know when they can come back. The landlord (Hampshire Properties) has not been responsive. Any help in getting the landlord to fix the problem – or at least to provide some ETA or credible communication – would be appreciated.

  3. The daily News say 8,700 gallons in the basement. They might mean a mixture of oil and water, I’m not sure.


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