Homecrest Stabbing Victim Identified, More Details

(Source: NYPD via CBS 2)

The woman who was fatally stabbed a few feet away from her apartment on Homecrest Avenue, leaving a 12-foot trail of blood, was seen arguing with a man who was following her, a police source told the New York Post,.

The 50-year-old victim has been identified as Larisa Komsky an accountant with an office at 1727 Sheepshead Bay Road. Komsky was stabbed twice in her legs and once in her hand.

It was also reported that a neighbor has surveillance footage of the killer moments before he attacked the victim, following her in a dark-colored SUV.

“It took her five minutes to park, and he hid behind the Lincoln for maybe four, five minutes,” said the neighbor in the article who requested anonymity. “Then he went out of frame for 15 seconds, killed her, and he went to the car and took off.”

It was common of Komsky to come home late from her office. She lived in the second floor of her building for approximately 15 years and is a single mom to an adult son.

“Just write that they have to catch them. She was a very good person, no enemies,” said the son.

We’ve have also received information from a tipster that the police took files and paperworkfrom Komsky’s office as part of the investigation.


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