Homecrest Resident Arraigned on Child Sex-Related Charges

(Queens DA Office Criminal Complaint excerpt)

If you haven’t already heard the 1010 WINS report that Alexander Kravitz, a Homecrest (or Gravesend resident — depending on which of our local neighbors know him from E. 7 St) was arrested and arraigned on numerous sex-related offenses.

If these charges stick and Kravitz turns out to be guilty, all of our children will be safer. Apparently, he kept his in-person, illegal activity outside of Sheepshead Bay, preferring to lure his underage, internet prey with a meeting arranged in a Queens motel. (What? The Windjammer was too classy for him?) Fortunately, his prey turned out to be an undercover NYPD detective with handcuffs ready.

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I don’t know on which level this whole thing offends me most. Is it the fact that this guy is a tenured teacher at 26 years of age (at that age, is that even possible?) while there are plenty of really great teachers out there sitting on their certifications and unable to get hired for whatever-bureaucratic-reason-du jour that the NYC Department of Education wants to offer up (but, hey, this story isn’t about me)? So, back to how offensive this whole thing is.

Kravitz is (or should I say “was”) an automotive teacher at William E. Grady Vocational High School at 25 Brighton 4 Road in Brighton Beach. According to 1010 Wins, the NYC Department of Education has reassigned the accused teacher, promising that he won’t be allowed near children again. I guess this means that he is out on bail and back at home with his mom and sister.

Speaking of mom, she was quoted by the NY Daily News as saying “I don’t believe any of it. It has to be a mistake. I’ve never seen any young man work so hard. I don’t see how he’d even have the time.” So what you’re trying to say is that your son would have committed the crime if he just had the time?

We understand about the close relationship that exists between mothers and their sons. Even Charles Carneglia — who allegedly admitted to destroying a murdered man’s body in acid, as par for the course as a Mafia hit man — had a loving mother he needed to kiss before heading off to jail.

I have often wondered the same thing whenever I hear these horrendous stories about how evildoers commit all their astounding crimes: Where do they get the time?. But, you know what? I really don’t have a lot of time to dwell on it. Mrs. Kravitz, if your son wanted to commit the most dastardly act for his own pleasure, he can find the time.

It seems odd that a major thought on his mom’s mind is about the time her son has at his disposal. It’s not as if she’s saying that he is a honorable person who would never touch a child in any untoward way. No, it’s not that. It’s just that he wouldn’t have any time to do that type of thing. Was her son hardworking? Yes, it seems little Alexander was very hardworking. He started working as a NYC teacher in 2002 and in just six years has earned tenure. That must have taken a lot of work. Either that or a lot of favors. But, yeah, he was working very hard all the time apparently downloading horrible images and instant messaging minors for sex.

But, time is something that this guy is about to have a lot of, because he’s probably going to be set up in some cozy Bored of Education desk job until his verdict. I wonder if he’s going to be near a computer and webcam where he could be tempted to upload his own illicit video to internet-savvy kids whose hardworking parents don’t have the endless amount of time it takes to “monitor” their kids’ online activities. According to BadBadTeacher.com, he sent self-produced videos featuring himself as the main (and only) actor — directing himself in, what he must have thought was, a very pleasuring scene.

And so we come to the part of this story that is most offensive. According to the NY Daily News, if authorities find that the images of babies and children being molested found on his computer are of Kravitz engaged in these horrendous acts, then Brooklyn-born Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown, will raise even more serious charges.

Kravitz could spend up to 4 years in prison, if convicted of the charges in this criminal complaint. That might allow Grady tech students to concentrate on graduating and to forget that he ever was their teacher.