Home on Westminster Broken Into Yesterday

A neighbor who lives on Westminster near Beverly wrote in to ask for your help regarding the burglary of his neighbor’s home, which occurred Monday afternoon:

They broke the back window and ransacked the entire place. Leaving with computers, jewelry, etc. They really went through everything.
Around 1pm a mid-20s black male, stocky build, rang my doorbell and said he was from an organization in Bushwick and wanted to know if I had any metal I would like to donate. There was a newer red van waiting for him in the street.
About an hour later the homeowner discovered the break-in. This would put these guys there right at the same time.
My question is… If these men were from a legit charity they would have been knocking on a lot of doors yesterday afternoon. Did anyone else in the area talk to or see these guys or their red van?
I will end by saying I did not witness them actually doing anything wrong. They were just ringing doorbells at the same time of a major robbery and may have some helpful information.

If you have any information that you think might be helpful, please contact the 70th Precinct at 718-851-5511.