Home Cooks: Sharpen Your Knives and Powder Your Noses for Brooklyn Independent Television!


We know Brooklyn — and our neighborhood especially — is full of some pretty great professional chefs (even though some people don’t think so). But we also have a sneaking suspicion that there are some pretty amazing home cooks sauteeing, braising, baking, and chopping behind closed doors. And we’re not the only ones.

Brooklyn Independent Television is looking for home cooks to feature on their new show, Cook Around the Corner:

We’re on the hunt for Brooklyn cooks—from around the country or the world—for Brooklyn Independent Television’s newest series The Cook Around The Corner. Brooklyn is a rich and vibrant community of culinary traditions, and our show is about the flavors and the families behind them. It’s not about professional chefs, but about home cooks who have stories to tell about a recipe or a cooking tradition. We’ll shop with you at your local market, head home with you to cook in your kitchen, and share your finished dish with friends and family. If you would like to be, or if you would like to nominate, our next Cook Around the Corner, please email CATC@bricartsmedia.org.

Established in 2006, BIT is a community media initiative of BRIC Arts Media. According to their site, BIT has “the only television programming devoted to the borough of Brooklyn. Composed of more than a dozen programs, BIT explore Brooklyn’s every corner; with coverage of issues including public affairs, arts and culture, health and sports, and business, and much more.”

They’ve covered our area before, including features on neighbors Third Root and Noah Apple. Now it’s your turn, home cooks/aspiring media personalities! Nominate yourself or someone you know.

We’ve got so many great corners – there have to be a few great cooks around them.


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