Holocaust Memorial to Recognize Homosexual Victims

Courier-Life Publications is reporting an addition to Holocaust Memorial Park, at Emmons Avenue and Shore Avenue, that will honor non-Jewish victims including homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the disabled, political prisoners and Roma and Sinti gypsies persecuted and killed by the Nazis.

Although no plans or dates have been revealed, Courier-Life says that the memorial committee is expected to add five smaller markers around the park. Each marker will recognize one of the “forgotten” groups and will include a historical synopsis of their sufferings.

The new memorials come after years of lobbying spearheaded by the International Association of Lesbian and Gay Children of Holocaust Survivors. According to Courier-Life, the organization’s “plans to honor other victims was initially met with opposition by some Orthodox religious leaders who thought that the park should be solely dedicated to the Jews who lost their lives in the ghettos and concentration camps.”