HLA Withdraws from Marine Park School

We haven’t covered the controversy over the Hebrew Language Academy Charter School (HLA) very much these last few weeks, largely because there has been some great work by other sites who have been able to attend the meetings. But we thought we’d take the time to announce that Lew Fidler’s office has sent out an e-mail saying that the HLA has chosen to withdraw its petition to be placed inside Marine Park J.H.S. 278. This info comes in from Mardie Sheiken-Henry via Facebook.

I believe charter schools in general are a bad deal. Their main function is to funnel much needed money out of the public system towards private, less accountable interests. But regardless of where you stand on the charter school debate, the situation with HLA and J.H.S. 278 was outrageous, and would have been a dangerous precedent allowing charter to rob not just funds from public school children, but also their physical space (necessary, as in the case of 278, for arts and extracurricular programs).

The opponents to the plan brought together the community and did a terrific job displaying their opposition, while (usually) respecting the other side. We commend their efforts.