Hit And Run On Avenue Y Over The Weekend

We received a report of a hit and run on Avenue Y and East 21st Street over the weekend. The reader previously sent us several reports of accidents at the intersection. He believes the area needs an All Way Stop sign. He writes:

It occurred at around 12:40 am on Saturday 12/04/10. I was sleeping and heard a loud boom. I looked out from my bedroom window and saw a white sedan backing up from the accident. Instead of stopping to assess the damage and perhaps leaving  a note on the victim’s car, it sped off as quickly as it could. I couldn’t get the license plate numb, but I saw two people across the street at the time who didn’t take any action either.
I took these pictures this morning and the owner came shortly after. She came because she noticed something funny with the way her cerar was parked. Unfortunately she only had liability coverage and thus she’s looking at about $400 of repair cost.