Hiring Begins for New, Non-Medical Jobs At Public Hospitals

Hiring Begins for New, Non-Medical Jobs At Public Hospitals
Health + Hospitals Kings County ER. Liena Zagare/Bklyner

NYC Health + Hospitals, the city’s public hospital network, is currently hiring 500 non-clinical staff members to assist with patient transport, clerical work, and cleaning.

No medical background is required for any of these positions and hiring is expected to expand into the thousands soon, according to the information available on NYC COVID-19 Citywide Information Portal. The jobs currently available include: Clerical Associate; Mortuary Technician; Nurse’s Aide; and Service Aide. None of the jobs require a college degree, and all – aside from Clerical Associate — require no formal education whatsoever.

“These roles are important to our COVID-19 response as we transport patients to other facilities to level-load, handle higher levels of in-take, are required to meet additional infectious control protocols, and handle the potential unfortunate outcomes of the virus,” NYC Health + Hospitals Deputy Press Secretary Stephanie Guzman told us over email. The roles themselves existed prior to COVID-19, Guzman explained, but as hospitals have experienced a surge in new patients, the need for key personnel has increased.

All positions are temporary, and hiring is being done on a rolling basis to meet the demand, Guzman said. Salaries range from $22.91 per hour for the Clerical Associate position to $40,271 annually for the Service Aide position. All positions are eligible for health insurance, the website states, though it did not specify how long employees would need to be in the position to become eligible.

The new jobs were also announced during Mayor de Blasio’s press conference on Sunday, April 12th. While the jobs are temporary, de Blasio said, “for so many families that do not have enough money right now, they’re going to be a real lifeline.”


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