Hipsters Invade Bay Ridge With Wine Bar And Eatery

source: theowlshead.com

Well, at least they haven’t begun calling it “chichi” yet.

According to the Brooklyn Paper, Steve Jobs worship, Buddy Holly eyeglass frames, overpriced rents (that ship has sailed) and skinny jeans are all headed to Bay Ridge.

The hipsterpocalypse has not been heralded by ghoulish (red)bearded men on horseback, but rather by locally-sourced “date night” restaurant Owl’s Head Wine Bar (479 74th Street).

Bay Ridge resident John Avelluto and Steve Weintraub “from” Bushwick have opened their new eatery – named after the waterfront neighborhood park – on 74th Street near 5th Avenue.

While we tend to take a decidedly anti-hipster editorial stance here at the Bean, we do applaud John and Steve for cramming their menu full of so many products made in Mother Brooklyn – particularly our beloved Bensonhurst.

From Brooklyn Daily:

Brooklyn’s homemade bounty figures prominently on the menu. There’s Sixpoint’s Sweet Action and Diesel Stout from Red Hook, pork charcuterie and hard cheese from D. Coluccio and Sons in Bensonhurst, bread from Il Fornaretto Bakery also in Bensonhurst, soft cheese from Boerum Hill’s Stinky Cheese, chocolate bars from Williamsburg’s Mast Brothers, and lavish Nutella cheesecakes and Mexican spiced chocolate cookies from Brooklyn Treat Shoppe in Dyker Heights.

As of this morning, the Owl’s Head website does not include a menu. From the paninis and crostinis mentioned in the article, their fare appears downright light for Bay Ridge. It seems less a family feast and more an alcoholic nosh-fest with pricey drinks – which might actually pair better with afternoon holiday shopping, when you don’t want to be too bloated (or buzzed) to carry on.

Do you think this business will be a good fit for the neighborhood? Do you shop while drunk? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.


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