Hipster Map Shows They’re Talking About Us

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The above map, which went viral over the weekend, is a rendering of the NYC subway map decoded for hipsters. Predictably, the focus is around the L, G and J/M/Z lines, which snake through solidly hipster territory, and all of East Brooklyn is labeled “Forbidden Zone.” East and West are designated as the routes to Prague and Portland, respectively, while lower Manhattan (my favorite part of the map) is marked with “Part-time Editorial Asst Position Available!” Anyone who has been to a bar in Williamsburg and overhead career conversations will get the joke.

As for our ‘hood, the B/Q is eliminated almost in its entirely. It pops up, unlabeled, around Stillwell, where hipsters might transfer from the F in order to get to Sheepshead Bay, the place that they “Talk about going here.”

This might be a surprise to some of you – Sheepshead Bay is a rising star. In the past two years that I’ve been obsessively following any mention of the community on the interweb, there’s been a striking rise in the amount of mentions and praise the area receives – especially for signature restaurants like Clemente’s Crab House, Randazzos or Rasputin (yes, old timers, we’re known for our Eastern European restaurants, too). It used to be the city press only turned eyes to us to scribble about Lundy’s drama and its representation of neighborhood decay, or maybe a shooting in the projects or a heroic rescue on the waterfront. But these days, there are more stories about our restaurants, our real estate, our culture and our local struggles.

To a lot of us, the idea that the “Eye of Hipster” is upon us inspires dread. But why shouldn’t they pay attention? Despite our problems (and please, let’s put those aside for the moment), this neighborhood is the best blend there is of city and outerborough. Good bars, delicious food, jaw-dropping views and an actual community with roots, not wayward trust-fund babies…

And the things we’re lacking – are bubbling just underneath the surface. It’s a Sheepshead Bay renaissance, people. Get with it.

As for the hipsters – that’s the best part. Kids who’ve eschewed the suburbs still can’t stomach 45 minutes on the subway. We’re still in the clear.