Hikind Hoping To Keep A Fight Club Out Of Borough Park

These men not welcome in Borough Park. (Source: ifccenter.com)
These men not welcome in Borough Park. (Source: ifccenter.com)

Assemblyman Dov Hikind has taken to his bully pulpit to let it be known that fight clubs are not welcome in his district. According to a curious press release put out by JP Updates, Hikind promised to strongly oppose any attempt by the “New York City Fight Club” from moving to Borough Park.

Apparently, the “New York City Fight Club” wants to open a spot at 4930 20th Avenue, a spot across the street from a girl’s yeshiva. Presumably, the club would feature unsanctioned fights between men looking to bond through cracking each other’s teeth and possibly executing acts of terrorism aimed at corporations. Keep in mind, we have no idea what exactly this organization is or what it would actually plan to do once it plants its flag in Borough Park. That could be because the first rule about fight club is that you don’t talk about fight club.

For the record, Hikind couldn’t have been more opposed to the possibility of a “fight club” opening up in his area.

“We don’t need this here and we don’t want this here. This is a quiet community centered around family life and educating our children. Members of our community are not going to participate in a fight club. It’s a frightening notion, antithetical to the peaceful culture here. Parents don’t want this type of club anywhere near their children, and neither do we want what this will attract and bring to our streets. In every imaginable way, this type of thing would impact our community in a negative way,” Hikind said in the release.

Interestingly, Hikind added one last caveat to his comments.

“This club can do what it wants, but we don’t want them to do it here in Boro Park,” Hikind said.

I’m not a legal expert but I’d have to assume that organizing a secret gathering place among men for the purposes of allowing them to brutalize each other in an unsanctioned manner probably isn’t legal, so I have no idea what Hikind is talking about when he claims that “this club can do what it wants.”

If anyone can shed some light on the mysterious “New York City Fight Club,” it’s motives and activities, and doesn’t mind breaking its precepts about secrecy, please inform us in the comment section.