Highrise Homicide: Man Found Shot In Head In Hallway Of Coney Island Building

Sea Park Apartments (Source: Google Maps)
Sea Park Apartments (Source: Google Maps)

Cops are investigating an apparent homicide in Coney Island, in which a 23-year-old man was found shot once in the head.

The grisly scene unfolded at the Sea Park Apartments at 2980 West 28th Street just after 8:00pm. Cops arrived to find the victim’s body in the hallway of the 17th floor.

The NYPD is not releasing the victim’s name, pending family notification.

They are still investigating, and no arrests have been made.

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  1. Good thing nobody stopped and frisked the killer before they committed the murder… The blame for this lies on the murderer and on the community agitators that told the minorities they should protest it, hopefully people in that neighborhood will wake up one day and see things for what they really are. It won’t happen soon, that’s for sure…

  2. I am for stop & frisk.
    If a person looks suspicious he must be searched.
    But again, once you play the “race card” it’s like an ace, always wins the debate.

  3. “If a person looks suspicious he must be searched”
    And a cop gets to decide who that person is any time they want?

  4. Yes, they do. And you know why? it’s because they are cops! That’s what they do for a living. It’s not some politician or judge who gets to decide that to earn political points. And I got news for you. Cops know exactly who the bad actors are in their precinct but all too often they can’t act on it because of fear of investigations, bad reviews etc. Do you think that makes our neighborhoods safer or more dangerous in the long run?
    If you let your politician disarm you at least let the police do their jobs. I’d rather carry and take care of myself but it’s not allowed in our liberal utopia.

  5. I dont trust the police to make those type of decisions. They are supposed to enforce the law not decide who might be breaking it any time they want without any proof or reasonable suspicion. You realize you are saying you’re for the 2nd but against the 4th. ?

  6. Yes, Local Broker
    It’s their job and responsibility to create a safer environment.
    I say drop this “gangsta” culture attitude, pull up your pants, lose your hoodie that most entirely covers your face, learn how to speak grammatically correct English, quit acting like a thug, and I can almost guarantee you won’t look suspicious.

  7. I do not need police for my personal protection.
    But they are responsible to keep the neighborhood safe.
    If you’re witnessing a robbery, who are you going call for help, your friend? Maybe Chaim Deutsch?

    You honestly do not make any sense.
    Besides, I was talking about some members of our big community (I am not mentioning any race, ethnicity etc. God Forbid, cause I will be blocked) who are trying to act like thugs and deserve to be searched.

  8. I realize that, but you didn’t answer my question if this makes our neighborhoods more or less dangerous? I know all about giving up rights for temporary security is not a good thing but in 95% of the time these are known convicts up to no good. How about we can let police profile based on the crime stats? And trust me, there are lotsa white characters by the train station that should be stopped and frisked too, it’s not a race thing.

  9. Again you are asking silly questions and making silly comments. If you keep it up i just wont answer you any more. If you witness a crime yeah call the cops. How many times do hear stories of cops stopping a crime before it happens?
    “You honestly do not make any sense” like last time because you say so?

  10. Do you realize what you are saying? Because there are criminals living in the area the cops should stop everyone they think is bad? Who are they to decide? Should they stop every person and ask for papers? Maybe criminals should wear markings on their shirts so we know who they are. Does that sound familiar? Where did you get the 95% from?

  11. Local Broker, can I refer to you as “LOCAL BICKER”
    I would prefer you stop answering to me.
    The questions I am asking you are the product of your weird comments.
    Yes because I say so.

  12. If a kid looks like a thug and is going to play basketball, then he most likely is a thug who just happens to be going to play basketball.

  13. Since you answered my question I’ll answer yours. No, they shouldn’t stop everybody, that would be a waste of the resources in the name of some PC bs. Stop those who obviously look like thugs, you and I know exactly what they look like. If they have nothing then good, they won’t start carrying it since they will know that they might get stopped again. Those are the people who should be stopped, not grandmas going shopping, not some dude in a suit with a briefcase… they probably won’t have anything on them, statistically speaking. And bottom line — look in the newspaper any day of the week…. under the description of the perps who do you see? If you see it was a white dude in a suit then by all means stop all white dudes in suits that day but if it says black male in a wifebeater then please stop all those on that day. Simple as that, this isn’t discrimination, if you don’t want to get stopped then get your peers to stop committing crimes or don’t project a certain image.

  14. Problem is you cant know who is a thug and who isnt. I dont think cops should be able to stop anyone for looking a certain way. Should we stop everyone that looks Muslim? Should we stop every crazy looking white guy cause he might be a mass killer? Or you only want to stop “thugs”? You used a number of 95% where did you get that number? Again you say you want the right to carry a firearm would you agree to a permit if the cops can come to your house and do a warrantless search any time they wanted? Since you have nothing to hide. Think about it.

  15. Yes, Local Bicker
    I have NO problem whatsoever with the police coming into my house and do a search.
    Do you know why?
    Exactly, because I have nothing to hide.
    And if a girl looks and dresses like a smut, well then she is a smut. How you dress reflects your personality.
    Clearly most people disagree with you, so why arguing?
    One thing that bothers me is I cannot figure out what exactly you’re trying to convey, that police should’t search people and just let them be?
    What EXACTLY is your proposal on what police should do to keep the neighborhood a safer place?

  16. Its not my fault you are babbling with out making a point. I am not arguing with anyone here. Someone makes a comment and i respond either with a statement or a question. I can also back up my comments with facts and stats. Unlike some people (you).

  17. Theres nothing to hide until there is. What some people think looks like a thug or a slut some others dont. You know that whole book and cover thing. “Clearly most people disagree with you” can you prove that? What is clear you bring nothing to the table in a real conversation about real things. I will not be responding to you ever again. Waste of time.

  18. so your saying….if i dress nice, have a good hair cut, and help old ladies cross the street i can carry a gun and kill someone? shit! omw to the gap!

  19. Its funny the ones who are for stop and frisk, might go through their entire life, not being stopped and frisked.
    I wear what u would call ” thug ” clothes ,because i like them, but Im also a young buissness owner, college graduate, and never been arrested. I guess because cops think i look suspicious i deserve to be stop and frisked. And whats suspicious to cops? A black man in urban clothes? ?
    I understand what you guys are tryna say, but your wrong. So suck a scrotum ,im not reading this post again or checking for replies so if u do it wont be seen by me bye bye

  20. regardless of what nationality we all are, we should all have the freedom in america to walk around and wear whatever the hell we want to and not be searched, this is our right. Unfortunately we live in the united states with each state having their own individual laws, making no sense at all! The questions we should be asking of the government and authorities is, How is it possible if their doing their jobs that so many guns/drugs are getting into our communities without them noticing? what are they shipping guns/drugs thru the mail?

  21. first foremost cney isla nd criminals work in 60 pct..this is a small section of brooklyn
    where everyone is living in fear.my son is a victim and was killed in 2980
    and the criminas along with the entire force..burn in hell until justice is served

  22. It’s a shame the NYPD let the kid die without doing anything to save him. Everyone knows who killed him (and why) in front of his best friends door, and everyone knows who killed his best friend (and why) 4 years earlier. Their murders are only 2 out of thousands of cases that the NYPD has has covered up over the years.

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