Senior Cut Day Brings Police Out In Force

Photo by Dan Cavanagh - That's what we call teamwork

Police and local leaders believe today is senior cut day, an unofficial high school tradition in which seniors give themselves the day off.

Police will be out in force in Manhattan Beach and Sheepshead Bay, scooping kids up on their way to the beach. Kids can either be brought back to school or to the truancy center in Coney Island. In previous years, law enforcement officers were criticized for allegedly demanding identification from minorities only.

UPDATE (10:00 a.m.) We’ve just got word about some of the stepped up enforcement. Scooters are guarding the footbridge on both sides; mounted, motorcycle and bicycle cops are patrolling the area; and there is a Brooklyn Borough South Mobile Command Post. Undercover officers are walking around near the bus stops in Manhattan Beach, and there are barricades ready to close the beach if necessary. This info is coming in via phone from Dan Cavanagh, the blogger over at

To any students reading this, you might enjoy your day a lot better if you stay away from the beaches.