Hey Bensonhurst, Help Pom Pom And Bella Find A Home

Pom Pom

I received a very heart-wrenching e-mail last Friday about a pair of feline sisters who are currently staying in a foster home right here in Bensonhurst.

Hi I am writing to see if you might be interested in doing a story on some
kittens I rescued earlier this year who I am trying to find a home for. They
were rescued in Sheepshead Bay and are living in foster care with me in
These kittens’ story is unique because one of the sisters, Bella, had
suffered a severe injury to her face prior to her rescue.

Foster Mom Bekah Wilcox regularly takes in new feline friends and needs to find a home for Bella and Pom Pom in order to continue to help nurse other cats back to adoptable health.

Bekah had a lot to say about the pair’s winning personalities:

Pom Pom’s enchanting good looks coupled  with Bella’s humorous charm make this dynamic duo the perfect addition  to any family! But what makes them in need of an extra special home is  Bella’s disfigurement. She needs someone to embrace her goofiness just  like she has!
Bella had been living on the street with a serious  injury to her face for nearly a month when she and Pom Pom were trapped  on January 29, 2011. Bella is missing the upper lip, most teeth, and  part of the lower eyelid on the left side of her face. Multiple  surgeries have stablized the injury and she should lead a perfectly  normal life!
Bella is a kitten with a ton of personality — she  loves to “talk” and greets you with a “Hello” chirp when you come home,  wake up, or otherwise enter her world. The conversation continues until  she is appeased with some head scratching and possibly a belly rub. This  snuggler inches herself into any comfortable position on you while  drowning out your protests with a deafening purr.
Pom Pom’s  elegance is the perfect complement to Bella’s irrisistable quirkiness.  Her exotic looks and graceful movements lend her a regal quality that is  nothing short of mesmerizing. While she cannot compete with Bella’s  level of affection, Pom Pom is nonetheless a purring machine who enjoys  attention in a more reserved manner.

Just a caveat to those looking to adopt- Bekah wants to make sure these beautiful black kittens go to the right home:

Bella and Pom Pom are currently in my  foster care. While they are loved unconditionally, their time has come  to find their forever home — together. An adoption application, home  visit and fee are required. Please contact Bekah Wilcox via Facebook or  send an email to bekah.w@gmail.com for more information on making these  incredible kittens a part of your life!


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