Hetsken zich! Hip-Hop, Sushi and Judaism!

For those goys among us, “Hetsken zich!” is Yiddish for “Shake and dance with joy!” And there’s good reason to do so: Orthodox hip-hop maven DeScribe is coming to the Chabad of Sheepshead Bay this Sunday to drop some knowledge bombs on Jewish youth. Oh, and there’ll be sushi, too.

In the vein of the Jewish reggae megastar, Matisyahu, DeScribe blends the experiences and beliefs of the chosen people with hip-hop beats. Also known by his real name, Shneur Hasofer, he’s been called a “homeland grown gangsta for peace,” by Jewcy.com. DeScribe was born in Australia, moved to Israel as a child, and served as a sharpshooter in the Israeli army, before moving to Seaside, Brooklyn. It’s those experiences, specifically his ties to the Orthodox community and his service on the Israeli frontlines, that he’ll be discussing with younguns on Sunday.

Chabad House, located at 1315 Avenue Y, is inviting all from the community to join them at 7 p.m. and to make the deal sweeter, it’s a suggested donation of only $5.00.

Below is a music video from DeScribe’s iSong. For more of his music, check out his website.


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