‘Here’s A Book Store’ Named City’s Best, Daily News Rubs Salt In Sheepshead’s Wounds

Source: Google Maps

Finally, Sheepshead Bay has a booksto… oh… nevermind.

A local book store in Sheepshead Bay Midwood has been voted Best Independent Bookstore in New York by the New York Daily News, who, naturally, couldn’t get the neighborhood correct. But, anyway…

Sylvia Levy, owner of Here’s a Book Store at 1964 Coney Island Avenue, says her store is “both the best book store and the worst in the neighborhood,” because it’s the only book shop in the area. It’s the only shop to survive out of six local book stores in the last 35-years.

Here’s a Book Store attends to the over half-dozen nearby yeshivas, carrying many books on the curriculum, while 80 percent of the other books in the store are used. Since parking is hard to come by in the neighborhood, the store has a valet service where books are delivered to customers in their cars waiting outside.

We’ve suggested that Sheepshead Bay needs an used book store in the past, but it seems that our wish has yet to be granted. Instead we get the Daily News makin’ us feel bad…


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