Help Identify This Package Thief Captured On Camera


Judging by the number of e-mails we’ve received this year, package thieves are ruining the Sheepshead Bay holiday season at a higher rate than usual. While most who’ve contacted us have asked for advice (spoiler: file a police report), reader Timur K. snatched a rare clear photo of the man who stole his delivery.

For those who’ve been lucky enough to live in ignorance of these jerks, package thieves follow USPS, UPS and FedEx trucks around. When the deliveryman leaves a package at the door – either because they’re not doing their jobs right, or the sender/recipient didn’t require a signature (always require a signature!) – the thieves stroll up to your door, snatch the package, and walk off.

That’s exactly what happened to Timur in front of his Bedford Avenue home, between Avenue X and Avenue Y. The holiday grinch apparently was on the prowl, armed as he was with a red shopping cart to help him bring home his haul. Unfortunately for the thief, Timur had a security camera – which he should have been able to figure out since he stared right at it. Timur said several of his neighbors were hit as well.

We’ve been contacted by at least a dozen victims, including one reader who had a Playstation 4 swiped. Both Sony and FedEx say tough luck to that one.

We can’t emphasize this enough: file a police report. Even if the officer appears reluctant to report it, as some have claimed, it is your right to obtain one. Secondly, always request a signature!

If you recognize the person in the photo above, call the 61st Precinct at (718) 627-6611.


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