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Help Find This Pomeranian Pup That Went Missing From Emmons Avenue



That personable pooch pictured above has gone missing, and the owners are asking for your help finding him.

Named Teddy, the 7-pound Pomeranian disappeared around midnight last night. He was last seen near Applebee’s on Emmons Avenue.

The owners are offering an unspecified reward. Call (347) 414-2889 if found.

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  1. Yes, check with the 61st Precinct. People often notify the police when they find a dog. We found a dog’s owner by contacting the police because the owner had reported the dog missing to them.

    I hope your dog will always be wearing tags from now on.

  2. Sometimes the person who finds a dog will keep it because they think the owner was negligent for letting the dog get loose and that they can do a better job.

    Was the dog stolen because you left him tied up outside a store or restaurant or did he escape from your home?

  3. He normally wears tags.. But we came back from a long drive and I took
    Them off so he’s comfortable in the car

  4. I feel so horrible. I have a pom too so I know exactly how the owner must feel. When I first heard couple days ago I immediately went there and asked applebees, dessert palace and nothing. Searched around the block, the residential area. Then came back around midnight yesterday, looked again. I am broken apart by it and its not even mine. I hope he will be found. I have a similar one so its basically like your kid. I will pray for it to be found

  5. I’m not trying to needle you because I really do feel very bad about you losing your dog but have you heard of Murphy’s Law? When will your dog not be wearing its tags? When it needs them most. When will that be? You won’t know until after it happens.

    Also you should check with the police and Animal Care and Control every day because it could take days for someone to find him and turn him in.

    I hope you get your dog back.

  6. Also, people have found their dogs by posting to facebook and having lots of people share it. Try contacting Sean Casey Animal Rescue and Second Chance Rescue dogs and ask them to post.

  7. thank you so much for your kindness and support. Its the worst thing that can happen to someone..keep your pet with you always and make sure the pom has tags. please keep looking

  8. thank you..i posted him everywhere and will keep looking. I am not giving up. I feel like I lost a part of me


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