Have A Happy Memorial Day!

Ah, Memorial Day, and the wonderful three-day weekend it offers. The barbecues, the beers, the beaches. Family and friends together; the first summer holiday, kicking off good spirits and good weather.

With such merriment abounding, it’s easy to forget that Memorial Day is a somber event, created to honor the heroic servicemen who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives to protect America and its values.

No, we’re not trying to put the kibbosh on the happy stuff. Be happy. Have fun. Go shopping (after all, what’s more American?).

But take a minute of your time this weekend to think about those who’ve given their lives, and the tens of thousands that still remain in harm’s way in our ongoing international struggles, and pay tribute to their sacrifices with a moment of gratitude.

Then go enjoy the barbecues, the beers and the beaches.

Sheepshead Bites will return on Tuesday, May 31. Unless, of course, we miss you that much and just can’t stay away.