Haunted Gravesend Home Featured On Syfy Channel Tonight

Tonight at 10:00 p.m., tune in to SyFy and check out how a ghost terrorized a Gravesend family.

In the season premiere of Paranormal Witness, Gravesend resident Elaine Mercado explains how she and her family have been haunted by a “ghost bride” in their Queen Anne-style home near Avenue V.

“It started when my daughters found a really tiny dress in the attic,” explained the retired Coney Island Hospital nurse. “It was maybe a size 2, but short. It creeped me out completely. They brought it down wrapped in newspaper from the 1950’s, and I said get rid of it.”

After that, Mercado says things got even creepier. The family would hear their names whispered in a menacing voice and would have their blankets thrown from their beds. They also saw shadows and started having nightmares.

A neighbor confirmed that a young bride died in the attic of the home many years ago, but under mysterious circumstances.

The family ended up calling in SyFy’s medium who… well, I guess you’ll have to watch to find out.


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