Happy Passover! Happy Easter! Happy Peace-ter!

Photo by nolastname

It’s so rare that Easter and Passover actually line up, putting two of the most important holidays of two of the largest faiths (in our coverage area) in sync. Since it feels like it almost never happens, I was looking for a truly appropriate photo for this post that would balance out both holidays. Maybe a bunny eating some matzoh. Or a bunny with a yarmulke. Or, I don’t know… a bunny escaping some  ancient Egyptians.

But, alas, the pool of creative commons-licensed photos was not quite that large. Luckily for us, reader nolastname sent in the above photo, taken this morning, that’s quite appropriate. It’s got a cross in it. And a star. Some people call it the sun, but I think it’s actually the Star of David. Creative license. Work with me, people.

Have a terrific weekend and a happy holidays, dear readers. We’ll see you Monday, and you can tell me about all the amazing food you didn’t invite me over for.


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