Happy Old New Year!

Just a quick note to our Eastern European neighbors: Happy Old New Year!

Well, you’ll see that in the morning if you’re too drunk to see it tonight.

For the non-Ruskies among you, “Old New Year” is the New Year according to the Julian calendar used in pre-Soviet Russia. In 1918, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (a.k.a. – ‘dem Commies) officially adopted the Gregorian calendar, syncing with most of the rest of the world. The difference between the old calendar and the new calendar is 13 days and, thus, today is the New Year.

An interesting note is that, under the Soviet government, celebrating the Old New Year was an acceptable form of resistance against Communist rule. I guess in a government based around organizing and controlling workers to produce for everyone’s benefit (supposedly), there really is no better way to screw the man than the masses going on a two week drinking binge.

Just to bounce back real quick to the Russian readers – this was compiled after a four-minute crash course on the Old New Year. That’s my disclaimer in case you were about to blast me for not knowing what I’m talking about. So instead, why don’t you politely add to the information I’ve provided? Спас