Halikarnas Restaurant Closed By DOH

Courtesy of Gene Berardelli

THIS STORY HAS BEEN UPDATED: “Halikarnas Reopen and Clean, Lost Big To DOH Mess”

One of the handful of Sheepshead Bay’s Turkish restaurants closed down last week by order of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Halikarnas at 3075 Emmons Avenue (between Batchelder Street and Bay View Court) was shuttered after it failed its pre-permit inspection on January 5. According to a press officer at the Health Department, “The inspection found the restaurant operating without running water at the three compartment sinks, hand washing station and dishwasher located in its basement’s food prep area. Other factors that contributed to the restaurant’s closing included liquid waste found on the floor of the basement’s storage area, 60 mice droppings, and 10 live roaches in the restaurant’s kitchen and basement kitchen areas.”

We never tried eating here, but both Yelp reviews show the place is hit or miss. Many Yelp reviewers enjoyed the Turkish cuisine, while an almost equal amount were revolted by molding desserts or rude wait staff.

The DOH inspection reports, meanwhile, gave them grades that changed as drastically as an NBC contract (Ed. — OOF!!). They frequently jumped between highs of 79 point and single digit lows. Mind you – this is like golf, and par is 27.


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