Southern Brooklyn

Hair Salon To Replace Cell Phone Store On Sheepshead Bay Rd.


One contractor on the scene said hair salon. Another said barber. We’ll just say tonsorial artist.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s coming soon to 1618 Sheepshead Bay Road. Contractors have been working on the site for a few weeks, and, today, it looks like the storefront windows are just about ready to go.

The location was, until recently, a Quintex Wireless location, an authorized T-Mobile dealer. In fact, we think this was one of the very first cell phone and beeper (remember beepers?!) businesses on Sheepshead Bay Road.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

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  1. Hair salon will do better than cellphones,as long as you sell a service like cutting hair,nails or food,businesses that internet cant kill they will survive…wont make money but wont lose money.I wanna open a funeral parlor,by next year people will be cutting there own hair and doing there own nails but you cant bury yourself…some people do but I dont need that kind of business anyway.SCREW THE INTERWEBS FOR RUINING THE WORLD!!!!

  2. Oh please let it be one of those really cheap Asian haircutting places like they have on 86th Street!!!!!


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