Hail Yeah! Cuomo, Lawmakers Reach Deal On Livery Cab Bill

Source: WarmSleepy via Flickr

Governor Cuomo reached a last minute deal with lawmakers yesterday over a bill that would allow livery cabs – colloquially known as car service – to pick up street hails in the outer boroughs and upper Manhattan. The 6,000 new street hail licenses, as well as 2,000 new yellow taxi medallions included in the bill are expected to bring billions in revenue to a cash-strapped city government.

The new legislation also includes a measure that would require 20% of the 6,000 street hail licenses and all 2,000 new yellow cab medallions to be mandated for drivers of wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

From Daily News:

With a Wednesday deadline fast approaching for Cuomo to make a call on the Legislature-approved measure, the governor’s team spent Tuesday at the bargaining table with legislative leaders, disability advocates and the city.
They finally were able to hash out a series of changes — making good on Mayor Bloomberg’s previous statement that a deal would be had.

The deal also commits the city to take steps to make the entire yellow taxi fleet wheelchair-accessible – something the governor had insisted upon during negotiations.

The city will have to set aside $15,000 for every new livery license, in order to help pay for the transition to wheelchair-friendly vehicles.

In the end, Mayor Bloomberg hailed the bill’s passing as a check in the win column for city residents.

“The long quest for five borough taxi service will soon be realized,” Bloomberg told the News.