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Brighton Man Crushed To Death By Forklift At Avenue M Market

Source: Google Mpas
Source: Google Mpas

A 22-year-old employee of Moisha’s Discount Supermarket (325 Avenue M) was killed last night when a forklift rolled backwards and crushed him against a wall.

Gustavo Tapia, of Brighton Beach, was pushing a broken forklift up a ramp to a parking deck using a pallet stacker at approximately 6:00 p.m. yesterday. He lost control of the forklift, and it rolled backwards down the ramp, pinning him against a wall.

He suffered serious chest injuries, and was taken to Kings County Hospital where he later died.

An investigation is ongoing.

[via Daily News, New York Post, News 12 and CBS News]

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  1. Maybe he found out how the Russians were hiring illegal Russians and Mexicans.
    Brooklyn is fast becoming a Mecca for ipllegal and/or criminal activity.

  2. Ya gotta love the Comments section of The Bites. Someone calls himself “Igor” and is suddenly an expert on Russian “illegal and/or criminal activity”. What ever became of plain old negligent accidents?

  3. Look everyone knows that these shady grovery store owners hire illegals. I am sute that our local pols haave been to Bagel Boy and know what I am talking about.


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