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Gunpoint Robber In Kensington & Windsor Terrace Sentenced To 31 Years In Prison

Justin Farrow. (Photo via Brooklyn District Attorney’s office)

Yesterday, a man was sentenced to 31 years in prison for a spree of armed robberies in Windsor Terrace and Kensington two years ago, during which he robbed and pistol-whipped women walking alone at night.

Bed-Stuy resident Justin Farrow, 31, was convicted of four counts of robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, assault and criminal possession of stolen property following a jury trial in May.

According to trial testimony, Farrow robbed four women between August 20 and August 29, 2015, and hit one woman over the head with his gun. He would brandish a silver handgun, steal from them, and demand that they walk away and not look back. Then, after each robbery, he would swipe in at the Fort Hamilton Parkway station using a MetroCard he stole from his first victim, according to video surveillance.

“For more than a week, this defendant preyed upon vulnerable women walking alone at night, robbing and terrorizing them at gunpoint,” said Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez.

Farrow struck first at the corner of Caton Avenue and East 7th Street on August 20, 2015, at 2:15am, according to court records. He snuck up behind a 58-year-old woman, and threatened her with his gun, demanding her purse and phone, then fled to the Fort Hamilton Parkway subway station.

Three days later, he snuck up on a 35-year-old woman in front of 115 East 4th Street 1:30am, repeating the same pattern. Then on August 27, he targeted a 28-year-old woman at 12:45am, at the corner of Ocean Parkway and Caton Avenue. When she refused his threat, he pistol whipped her and left her with injuries to her ear, head, and hand.

Then he robbed his youngest victim, a 20-year-old woman near 19th Street and Sealy Street in Windsor Terrace on August 29 around 11:30pm. After passing each other on the street, Farrow turned and stalked her. When he approached her, he stuck a gun to her ribs and robbed her before fleeing to the Fort Hamilton Parkway station, said court records.

During all four robberies, Farrow was wearing the same distinct, multi-colored, fleur-de-lis pattern shirt, said courts.

The defendant was caught after a witness saw him near Vanderbilt Street and Prospect Park Southwest and called 911. After a chase, police arrested Farrow and found a .9 millimeter handgun and the victim’s MetroCards. In addition, he was wearing a multi-colored shirt that was “virtually identical” to his signature outfit, court records show.

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