Guess Which Neighbor Redesigned Solitaire for Windows?

Guess Which Neighbor Redesigned Solitaire for Windows?

Solitaire, the most played video game of all time and the most used program in Windows history, has been recreated for today’s release of the new Windows 8 operating system. A Ditmas Park artist led the way and almost gave his neighborhood a starring role.

Neighbor William Bredbeck was the lead artist and art director for Solitaire on Windows 8.

“It was a pretty exciting thing to be able to redesign and re-imagine it,” said William. “At one point I had drawings of actual Ditmas Park leaves on some of the cards, but unfortunately that art did not wind up being used.”

William couldn’t share the Ditmas Park cards, which is fairly tragic but understandable. Here’s hoping Microsoft, which now owns the art, ends up using it in the future. When will we see a Ditmas Park version of Minesweeper?


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