Group Rescues 9 Neglected Puppies From Gravesend Home

Group Rescues 9 Neglected Puppies From Gravesend Home
The puppies with Rescue City volunteers and Oceanside veterinarians. Source: Facebook
The puppies with Rescue City volunteers and Oceanside veterinarians. Source: Facebook

A local animal advocacy group rescued nine puppies on Tuesday that they say were neglected from an Avenue X home in Gravesend.

Volunteers from Rescue City, a group that facilitates pet adoptions, became aware of the alleged abuse while monitoring Facebook. They dispatched members to check out the situation, and found a yard full of young pups that they say appeared malnourished and sick.

As a crowd gathered in front of the home, one of the group’s co-founders gained entry and saw a situation that was “worse than we thought.”

The group reports on Facebook:

…there were 10 puppies that were shown and some were very anemic, lethargic, some pups ribs close to piercing their skin, clear site of ringworm, nasal discharge, some who’s stomachs are so blown up and big that walking was difficult, and they were barely able to stand up on their own. After a whole day of negotiations with the owner of the house, and help of NYPD to facilitate a safe entrance into the house, all we wanted to do is get these puppies to safety. WE WERE ABLE TO SAVE 9 of the 10 puppies we saw, as he refused to give us one more claiming he’s “someones”.

The animals were taken to Oceanside Animal Clinic (704 Kings Highway). News 12 reports that the vet confirmed the puppies were “extremely malnourished,” and some had ring worm and other parasites. Three dogs are in critical condiition.

The outlet also reports that Animal Care Centers of NYC visited the site to investigate complaints, but found no evidence to warrant further action.

According to members of Rescue City, that’s because the owner cleaned up the property as the crowd gathered.

“By the time police came,, they cleaned up and hid the really sick ones,” said Fara P., a volunteer for the group who said she was first to the scene.

The group’s members have pledged to monitor the house and report allegations of further abuse to authorities.

Advocates believe the Avenue X resident was transporting puppies from Florida for resale out of the home. A similar case in 2012 spurred Animal Care & Control to pull 23 sheltie dogs living in squalor out of two homes in Sheepshead Bay. The couple who owned them later struck a deal with prosecutors, pleading guilty to a single count of abuse. They were forced to seek therapy and forfeited the right to own animals.


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